What to wear to a summer job interview

What to wear to a summer job interview: Dos and Don’ts

Deciding what to wear to a job interview can be tricky enough as it is. First impressions count and you want to make a good one. You don’t want to […]

Your Complete Online Guide to Living in Prague, Czech Republic

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Introvert Expat Challenges

Would you say you’re an introvert? Would you say you’re understood? What are the biggest challenges of an introvert expat? How to address them? Can employers play a part in […]

Quiz: CV Week

All week long you have been provided by Europe Language Jobs lots of useful tips and tricks to make your best CV and cover letter. Europe Language Café prepared a […]

Quiz: Career Personality Test

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Most Demanded Personal And Professional Skills

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Our Personality Test Will Help You To Decide Where To Live In Europe

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What Are The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog To Work For Employees AND For Company’s

What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work

Thousands of us want to bring our dog to work but many managers are still against it for a variety of reasons, maybe they think it would be distracting or […]

10 Stages of Finding a Job Abroad.

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7 Stages of Moving Abroad

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