8 Tips to Enhance Language Learning Using Technology (2020)

 8 Tips to Enhance Language Learning Using Technology (2020)

Here you will read about EIGHT great tips on how to effectively use the internet and technology when learning a foreign language, based on my experience.

Most of you will agree that sometimes it can be REALLY hard to use basic traditional methods (dictionary, attending courses, etc.) during language learning without technology.

Luckily, nowadays technology and education go hand in hand to enhance language learning for students.

In fact, teachers have incorporated the use of technological programs and tools to support their teaching and get the attention of students during class.

Here we will discuss some techniques on how to use internet to find interesting tools for language learning that worked great for me!Language Learning Enhances Person's Abilities

Let’s dive right in:

  • 1. Hire a teacher online
  • 2. Visit educational websites
  • 3. Use Anki for smart vocabulary practice
  • 4. Learn with Online Free Language Audio Book.
  • 5. Use Memrise 
  • 6. Pimsleur Method and Livemocha
  • 7. Use Duolingo for Daily Motivation 
  • 8. Visit Udemy

Tip #1: Hire a teacher online

This way of learning is most convenient and cost-effective. One does not have to go to abroad to learn a new language (though it helps!). Online teaching and education has become the fastest way of learning. Students all over the world started hiring a teacher who can help them develop their language skills online.

Tip #2: Visit educational websites

You can maximize your use of technology by making sure that you are learning while having fun. There are a lot of educational websites which could help you improve on your language skills. Try to visit Merriam or Wikipedia first to widen your English vocabulary skills. In that way you can read about your favorite topic in another language while reading simple and easily comprehensive texts. Trust me, it helps!

Tip #3: Use Anki for smart vocabulary practice

Anki has been named as one of the most recommended tools for learning the English language. It uses intelligent and user-friendly flashcards which makes students remember things easy. Through repetition and several practices, retention of knowledge is better with this tool.

Tip #4: Learn with Online Free Language Audio Book

You could learn the any language better if you hear the correct pronunciation and use of the word in a certain phrase or sentence. Also, you can browse the internet for free language audio books online. There are a lot of websites where you could enhance your vocabulary for free. Therefore, you should listen to how the word is being pronounced and used in a sentence so that you can effectively apply it to your everyday conversation. Finally, widen your vocabulary by learning new words and their meaning.

Tip #5: Use Memrise 

Memrise is an online learning tool which offers courses that are mainly created to teach languages for free. Furthermore, it uses Memory Science, an adaptive technology which makes it easy for learners to study and explore dozens of languages and practice those learning.

Tip #6: Pimsleur Method and Livemocha

Unlike Memrise and Anki which focuses on flashcards and memorization, Pimsleur Method uses an audio-based method with participation in speaking and sound exercises are its core focus. Aso, it offers a lot of exercises which enables learner to learn new word and at the same time to apply that new vocabulary on his own sentence and phrases. This is a consumer product though, so expect that you will pay for it.

Livemocha, on the other hand, is a relatively new language learning community which has been created only around 2007 and much of its content is totally free. This is more web based, and you can get live classes with conversations to the native speakers , tutorial videos and more. You can also get a private tutor through Livemocha.

Tip #7: Use Duolingo for Daily Motivation

Doulingo is the world’s most popular way to learn the language. It offers free and exciting activities to learn a second language. Moreover, as you earn points for every correct answer, level up and race against the clock, learning is fun and addictive.

Tip #8: Visit Udemy

Udemy is the world’s largest destination for online courses. You can finally use those udemy coupons while learning a second language. Make sure that you gain a new vocabulary every day. Consistency is the key!


It is true that learning a language is sometimes hard, but with the help of technology, it can be fun and interactive. With the creation of vast number of websites and applications that you can use in learning language, the learning process has become easy and accessible.

Which tip are you going to try first?

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