Top 10 Popular Modern Spanish Singers to Listen to Now

 Top 10 Popular Modern Spanish Singers to Listen to Now

We have brought you the top 10 popular modern Spanish singers so that you can get a taste for the funky rhythms that are being produced across the channel (but can be enjoyed anywhere across the world!). Both male and female Spanish singers are all the rage at the moment and we certainly don’t want you to miss out! Even if you don’t speak the language or understand the lyrics, you can still enjoy the catchy beats chanted by these famous Spanish musicians. There are loads of famous people who sing in Spanish, and, if you listen carefully, these might just be songs to help you learn Spanish! 

1. La Rosalía

If you don’t know who this is, you must have been living under a rock! Rosalía is a fresh female Catalan artist who has brought typically gitano musical styles like Flamenco into popular urban culture!

(¡Tra tra!)


2. Don Patricio

Don Patricio is a Trap and Reggaeton artist from the Canary Islands. His baby face might make him look like the boy from next door but he’s got a vibrant personality. If you’ve heard any of his catchy tunes it will be surely be Contando Lunares


3. Lola Índigo

Despite being eliminated early on in the talent contest Operación Triunfo, this did not stop Lola Índigo from climbing to the top of the charts with her upbeat, sassy melodies. Not only can the star from Granada sing, but she’s a professional dancer too. Lola has strutted her stuff to back up the acts of A-list artists like Enrique Iglesias (another male Spanish singer!). 


4. C. Tangana

C. Tangana, who has dubbed himself  “el madrileño”, is from…surprise, surprise: Madrid! He produces Rap/Trap music and regularly performs at famous Spanish summer festivals like Primavera Sound. If you’re a true fan, you’ll know which song postludes the most recent season of Paquita Salas – one of our best Spanish language shows on Netflix


5. Aitana 

Aitana was born in the cultural capital Barcelona and also shot to stardom after participating in Operación Triunfo. She competed to represent Spain with one of her songs at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 but was not selected. Give her a listen and let us know if you think Spain would have received more votes if Aitana had performed as the country’s entry!


7. Rels B

Rels B is from the balmy Balearic Island of Mallorca and is mega hot on the Spanish-speaking Urban music scene. His songs have a chill vibe and he is considered a forerunner of the new wave of Spanish Hip Hop. Rels B’s most well-known song is A Mí – check it out! 


8. Ana Mena

Ana Mena is both a singer and actress who began her career with the series Marisol, la película. She has collaborated with the likes of other big Spanish-speaking stars like Becky G, CNCO, and has even performed as the warm-up act for the king of Reggaeton Daddy Yankee!


9. Álvaro Soler

This charming songwriter is of Spanish and German blood and has achieved success across Europe and Latin America. His style is a more classic Pop, with the top 3 hits being El Mismo Sol, Sofia, and La Cintura. Which do you like the best? 


10. Amaia

Last but not least, we have singer and pianist Amaia. She was born with perfect pitch, so it is no surprise that she went on to win the ninth series of the Spanish X Factor and represent the nation on Eurovision (alongside her competitor) with Tu Canción

What a lot of talent, eh?! And those were only the top 10 popular modern Spanish singers. Once you get shuffling playlists on Spotify, there’s no doubt you’ll uncover even more favourite new Spanish artists! These Spanish songs will have you fluent by the end of the year! 

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