Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Songs, Countries, and Winner Odds

 Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Songs, Countries, and Winner Odds

Yes! It’s great news for Eurovision lovers because the Eurovision Song Contest is back and raring to go for 2021! Unfortunately, due to the Covid outbreak last year, the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled, so we had to go a whole year without hyping up the countries, judging their song entries, and guessing the odds. Have no fear, with the arrival of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, you can get back to fangirling over your favourite countries, their weird and wonderful songs, and debating the winner odds.

Is Eurovision a currently religious festival across Europe? No. Should it be? Let us know in the comments below…

First let’s get you up to speed with some quick facts. 


Where is the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest being held?

This year, Eurovision will be held in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands in the Ahoy Arena. This was the venue determined for the Eurovision 2020 Contest when Dutch entry Duncan Laurence won the 2019 contest with his song “Arcade”. 


When is the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest being held?

The first semifinal of Eurovision 2021will take place on May 18th. The second semifinal on May 20th, and the grand final on May 22nd.


How will Covid Affect the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest?

There are 4 possible scenarios for the way in which Eurovision will unfold this year. 

  1. Completely normal Eurovision Song Contest 
  2. A socially-distanced Eurovision Song Contest
  3. Eurovision Song Contest with travel restrictions 
  4. Lockdown Eurovision Song Contest

Each act must film an ‘as live’ performance in case the contest must be fully virtual.


What Is the Slogan for the 2021 Eurovision Contest?

The slogan or theme for this year is “Open up”. Was its inspiration the desperation and frustration caused by a full national lockdown? Quite possibly…

Speaking seriously, it’s a lovely slogan and deliberately open-ended. “Open up” to what? Well, what would enhance your quality of life? That’s for you to decide. We choose to interpret it in a social sense; whilst the world is physically divided by borders and confinements, let’s open up mentally to each other, embracing and supporting other cultures during different times.


Which Countries Are Confirmed for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest?

41 countries so far have been confirmed for Eurovision 2021. You can find them listed below (with their songs described) in order of their winning odds.



Countries Odds and Songs for Eurovision Song Contest 2021


1. Malta

Je Me Casse – Destiny

2. Switzerland

Tout l’Univers – Gjon’s Tears

3. France

Voilà – Barbara Pravi

4. Bulgaria

Growing is Getting Old – Victoria 

5. Italy

Zitti i Buoni – Måneskin 

6. Sweden 

Voices – Tusse

7. Lithuania 

Discoteque – THE ROOP

8. Iceland

10 Years – Daði & Gagnamagnið

9. Cyprus

El Diablo – Elena Tsagrinou

10. Finland

Dark Side – Blind Channel

Those were the top 10 crowd-pleasing songs expected for this year. What a line up, eh? You can find the full Eurovision 2021 odds list here if you want to spot where your country might place.

There’s certainly a mix of styles for all musical tastes, but the question is: do you envision any of these becoming your next favourite song? Is Malta worthy of winning? Are you proud of your country’s entry this year or is it a cringeworthy disgrace? Are you more of a euro-ballad or crazy rock supporter… or rather a die-hard Russian grannies fan?

 Let us know your opinion in the comments below.


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