Quiz: Guess the Language Quiz

Only 10% of people can get more than 5 on this Guess the language quiz!

Learning languages is great, especially when you realise it can help you learn other languages! But then…. you realise that actually it can get kind of confusing and your Spanish becomes Italian and your Italian becomes French. If you can relate to the struggle take our guess the language quiz to figure out how well you can decipher one language from another.

guess the language quiz

To play the quiz, simply pick the language you think the phrase is written in:

Fale mais devagar, por favor

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Que m'ho podria escriure, si us plau?

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Ви говорите англійською?

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Kun je me voordoen hoe ik dat moet zeggen?

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Chronaigh mé thú an oiread sin!

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Unde este hotelul Intercontinental?

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Posso collegarmi con internet?

guess the language quiz
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Jag behöver en läkare!

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Guess the Language Quiz

You might want to brush up on your basic European language skills
Maybe next time!

Seems like you've enjoyed a holiday or two in Europe.
Not bad!

You must be quite the traveller!

You must really love your languages - that or you’re a lucky guesser!

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Were you surprised by some of the answers? However you did, we hope you learned something about European languages today! Until next time…

Guess the Language Quiz

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