european language facts

15 European Language Facts

European Languages are pretty interesting Languages are an awesome thing. They are not only the way to communicate between humans but such an interesting topic. You will always have something […]

13 Untranslatable European Words

European Languages has its fair share of untranslatable words Do you remember our 15 European Language Facts article? Fact #7 was the Georgian untranslatable word; shemomedjamo. Here are 13 words from different European […]

List: 24 of the Weirdest European Idiomatic Expressions

List: 24 of the Weirdest European Idiomatic Expressions

Idiomatic Expressions: Languages can be tricky sometimes… Idioms can be confusing for language learnings as their direct translations can have little meaning to anyone who’s not a native. They are […]

False Friends That Confuse Bilingual English and Spanish Speakers

9 English & Spanish False Friends

Do you speak Spanish and English? Maybe you’ve been mixing up these words! Polyglot problems…

Types of bosses as Harry Potter characters

8 Types of Bosses as Harry Potter Characters

Most bosses fall into a category – some fall into several. We´ve compiled a list of the types of bosses with their matching character from the Harry Potter films. Can […]

6 reasons why being multilingual is just better

6 Reasons Why Being Multilingual is Just Better

6 reason why speaking more than one language is a great idea.

8 Differences Between Your Multilingual Friend And Your Other Friends

We all have that one friend who has an unusually strong interest in foreign languages, or who comes from a multicultural family. Polyglots view the world a little differently and […]

Reverse Culture Shock Exists: And This Is How To Deal With It

Are you going back home after being an expat for a long time? Then prepare yourself for reverse culture shock!


Top 7 TED Talks All Language Learners Should Watch

Language learners need inspiration too! Learn faster and get motivated by these videos.

European Languages: A Fact File

European Languages: A Fact File (infographic)

Did you know that there are as many as 225 languages native to Europe? Take a look at our European languages infographic!