15 Unknown European Islands

Even though summer isn’t here yet, we can still (day)dream of our idyllic summer holidays. Have you been to any of the unknown European islands listed below? On this tiny British island belonging to the Channel Islands, cars and street-lighting are banned – locals get around either by horse or bike – and there’s only one […]Read More

The 10 most impressive hotels in Europe

Are you looking forward to summer? Have you decided where to travel yet? Take a look at these weird European hotels, they will surely help you decide! The Hotel del juguete – Spanish for “Hotel of Toys” – has themed rooms, not only decorated as certain toys, but also full of them! Where would you choose to […]Read More

The Origin of World Book Day

As you may already know, the 23rd of April is World Book Day. But it is also Saint George’s day, patron saint of England and Catalonia. Saint George’s day is the most romantic day in Barcelona. “Sant Jordi” (Catalan for Saint George) is the Catalan equivalent to Saint Valentine’s day. The fact that the 23rd […]Read More

Europe’s Most Disgusting Food

European cuisine is known for its deliciousness. Whether it be pasta from Italy or the delicacies of French cuisine – but have you ever wondered what Europe’s most disgusting food is? Here’s a list with 9 of the worst ever. We have kindly selected the best recipes for each one, just click on the photos […]Read More

10 Weirdest European Laws

Do you know what country banned scrabble? Or where you should avoid flushing the toilet after 10pm? Have a look at this list of the 10 weirdest European laws!* Czech Republic: Taxi Rides After Nuclear Explosion Czech taxi’s have three rates: the average level 1, level 2 which is usually used for tourists and level 3 which […]Read More

Europe’s best cities to work in

The best cities to work in Europe if you don’t know where to search for a job! We’ve listed Europe’s Top 10 best destinations to work in: Are you willing to relocate to another country and working in an international environment – improve your CV, your language skills and your personal development? But you still […]Read More

12 Stages of Looking for a Job

Looking for a job can be a stressful process, but Europe Language Jobs are here to provide some light entertainment on your way! What’s better than having a little giggle at yourself? Remember! You’ll be at no.12 in no time! You’ve starting looking for a job and you imagine your dream job Until you realize you don’t […]Read More

10 Top European cities to visit for Valentine’s day

Whether it be Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or some well needed ‘alone time’ a weekend away is always deserved. Going away with your favourite person is always good fun, but to make it extra special requires an extra special destination. Here are the 10 most romantic cities in Europe! 1. Paris: Of course, no list […]Read More