The 10 most impressive hotels in Europe

Are you looking forward to summer? Have you decided where to travel yet? Take a look at these weird European hotels, they will surely help you decide!


The Hotel del juguete – Spanish for “Hotel of Toys” – has themed rooms, not only decorated as certain toys, but also full of them! Where would you choose to stay; at their Doraemon, Playmobil or Lego rooms?


Despite that Northern Europe boasts many ice hotels, this Finnish resort is especially impressive. It has a wide range of accommodation to choose from: from glass igloos to log cabins. Even though the location is undeniably beautiful, what made us include it in this list is that Santa’s home is only 5 minutes away from the resort!


If you’re looking for a memorable experience, this hotel is definitely the place to go! Although every room has a different decoration, they all have something in common: they are totally surreal. So… would you rather sleep in a coffin or a cage?


The Rosa Campsite Extraordinaire is the ideal site for all those with hippy spirits. Spend the night in a circus tent or a gipsy wagon and enjoy an outdoor bath in their garden!


Taking a look at the pictures above, you may think that the Berggasthaus Aescher Hotel is just another hotel situated on a mountain. But this is not a common hotel, its location – at the edge of a cliff – makes it quite difficult to reach. If you want to stay the night you’ll have to walk 15 minutes from the cable car station!


Design comes first in this Polish hotel which could be considered an art museum. Upon arrival, you’ll be amazed: there is no front desk and the rooms have no numbers. Instead of a key, guests receive an iPhone that acts as an electronic concierge.


This is probably one of the weirdest places to sleep in the whole of Europe… a drain pipe! We’re almost sure that none of you have ever dreamt of a hotel like this, but here it is! It will most likely be one of your most unforgettable – and cheapest – experiences!


Can you imagine what sleeping in a giant wine barrel must feel like? Each of these huge wine barrels has been separated into three rooms: the bedroom, the sitting room and the toilet. If you’re a wine-lover you HAVE to visit this place!


This is the perfect place to find your happy ever after. Every room is themed as a traditional fairytale. Fancy recreating Snow White, Robin Hood or Alice in Wonderland?


Speaking of fairy tales, this Swedish hotel can transport you directly to the little mermaid. Thanks to its tank design, sleeping underwater is now possible – claustrophobics refrain -.

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