How do these 14 European countries celebrate Halloween?

The commercial Halloween festivity that is well-known in the US is being slowly adopted by most most European countries that celebrate Halloween. Despite this, Halloween parties and costumes are most common amongst younger generations of Europeans whilst older generations still follow their own national traditions. It is worth mentioning that most of the traditionally catholic […]Read More

18 European phrases that will make your tongue twist

Getting pronunciation right when learning a language is one of the hardest parts! Now see how well you do with these 18 tongue twister phrases in other European languages! P.S. The Danish and the Swedish tongue twister phrases are definitely our favourites! Czech Strč prst skrz krk. Stick your finger through your throat. Danish Røde […]Read More

8 Moments That Only Happen During an Erasmus Exchange

It´s that time of year, summer is nearly over and many students are getting ready for their Erasmus year abroad! Studying abroad is a valuable experience like no other; here’s a list of things that will only happen once in your life during your Erasmus exchange! When you find out your erasmus year is ACTUALLY […]Read More

Stages of Job Rejection

We’ve all been rejected from a job, and there’s several stages to it Searching for a job can be tiring, but the end goal is always worth it. Job rejection can be painful, but it’s important you get back up and keep going! Since the journey has so many ups and downs, you need the […]Read More

You know you need holidays when…

August is almost here… and some of us are still working (or at least trying). Here’s a post for those who are in urgent need of holidays. You know you need holidays when… You stopped hearing your alarm clock a month ago, or started stopping it and then sobbed uncontrollably ’cause it’s way too late. When you manage to […]Read More

7 Unusual Museums in Europe You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

The Louvre, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums… Europe’s museums are rich with history and culture. Wherever you go there is plenty to see! But there’s more to Europe’s collection of museums outside of just history and art museums. Here’s a list of 7 unusual (and sometimes creepy) museums in Europe! 1. Neon Museum (Warsaw, Poland) […]Read More

14 Blockbusters that will make you travel across Europe

Sometimes you do not have to move from your sofa to travel. We’ve selected 14 blockbusters that will allow you to visit some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. 1. LONDON: LOVE ACTUALLY This romantic comedy is the perfect combo of  tears, laughs and a free london tour. Many movies are filmed annually in London, if […]Read More

The 7 Most Bizarre European Summer Festivals

Summer is the best time for European Festivals Europe is full of culture and traditions! With this comes the weird and the wacky. This certainly doesn’t exclude European Summer Festivals… we’ve outlined the weirdest of the weird below. 1. Wife Carrying ( Sonkajärvi, Finland) Although the wife carrying race was first introduced in Finland, it […]Read More

8 of the weirdest Eurovision Song Contest contestants

Next Saturday 23rd of May the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Vienna (Austria). So here’s a list of the 8 weirdest contestants of all times! 1. Finish scary-singing monsters When Eurovision stopped being suitable for all audiences… Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland, 2006) 2. Austrian bearded woman We must admit we’re secretly […]Read More