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Develop your Writing Skills with these Creative Writing Workshops

Develop your creative writing skills while you stay at home during this coronavirus outbreak. Europe Language Jobs has partnered with popular writing instructor, Molly Brown, to bring you an exclusive themed CREATIVE WRITING PRACTICE WORKSHOPS. Brown’s ONLINE CREATIVE WRITING PRACTICE WORKSHOPS are open to native English speakers and non-native English speakers with a working knowledge […]Read More

5 Tips for visiting Dracula’s Bran Castle

Chasing Dracula at Bran Castle We all know that the myth of Dracula and Bran Castle is associated with Transylvania and Romania. This is because Bram Stoker’s novel is indeed based on real people and places that make the story even more captivating. It is widely believed that the person who triggered Stoker’s imagination is […]Read More

Quiz: Where To Live In Europe

Have you ever thought of living in Europe but were unsure of where to live in Europe? Have you ever fancied a change of scenery? Choosing the right place can be a difficult to decision. Well, think no more! Europe Language Café came up with a personality test for you to choose options that match […]Read More

4 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time of giving and is often the most expensive time of year for some families and friends. Unfortunately, the festive period can leave lots of people in extreme debt and it can bring more problems than joy. Minimise your expenses and get your creative juices flowing by making these handmade Christmas gifts.  […]Read More

3 Disturbing Christmas Mysteries

Although it may feel as though Christmas is everyone’s favourite time of year. For some people, the pressure at Christmas can bring more anger and rage than Christmas spirits. We reveal 3 Christmas mysteries that will leave you feeling a little less Christmassy…  via GIPHY UFO or Christmas Star? In the morning after Christmas 1980, […]Read More

The Most Common Welsh Stereotypes Explained

Wales, a country full-to-the-brim with picturesque countrysides, unpronounceable city names, countless herds of sheep, and of course, their very own dish: welsh rarebit (ie. posh cheese on toast). It’s no wonder so many Welsh stereotypes exist… Although Wales may seem like a tiny country to most of you, the contrast in cultures, climates and people […]Read More

Manchester Stereotypes

Manchester aka Rain City. The city is well known for its music scene, iconic stereotypes, rival football teams, and of course, the thick northern accent!   Manchester is home to a variety of music venues and record labels that changed the British music scene forever; Northern Soul, Factory Records, The Hacienda, and the popular Warehouse Project […]Read More

5 German-Speaking Expat Celebrities

Are you a German speaker looking to make a break abroad? There are so many reasons to move abroad and start a new adventure in a different country as an expat. Whether it’s to work abroad, to study, or to chase your dreams, right now is the time to move!  The German language is in […]Read More

Horrific Interview Stories

Although it is often one of the most crucial parts of a job search, sometimes it can all go wrong. We’ve asked recruiters and job seekers for their most horrific interview stories. The only thing to take away from this is to act the opposite of these people in all your interviews! The Womaniser So […]Read More

4 Step Guide to your First Day at Work

Your first day at a new office can be scary. But being prepared can make it a much easier transition. Follow our 4 step guide to your first day at work. Step 1: A few days before Ask your contact in the company all the essential details: Starting time Dress code Location Research the working […]Read More