3 Disturbing Christmas Mysteries

 3 Disturbing Christmas Mysteries

Although it may feel as though Christmas is everyone’s favourite time of year.

For some people, the pressure at Christmas can bring more anger and rage than Christmas spirits. We reveal 3 Christmas mysteries that will leave you feeling a little less Christmassy… 


UFO or Christmas Star?

In the morning after Christmas 1980, there were reported sightings of a UFO around 3 am. The UFO was sighted close to Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk which was being used by the United States Air Force at the time. According to the reports, the UFO was seen on 3 different nights between Christmas and New Year. 

This was the most famous UFO sighting in the United Kingdom, named Britains Roswell and one of the most recognised reports worldwide. The UFO sightings left a lot of people deeply confused.  Although the ‘bright lights’ have never been confirmed, there has been much controversy and disagreement from the US about the supposed sightings. 

Recently, there have been claims that the extraterrestrial sighting was a ´prank´ made by the US Air Force but for now, this UFO sighting remains one of the most unusual Christmas Mysteries…

A Family Affair 

During the festive season back in 2014, Victim Sameena Iman, was planning to live “happily ever after” with her manager, Roger. Roger and Sameena had been secretly dating for around 2 years. Roger lived with his girlfriend and Sameena finally gave him an ultimatum.  Sameena wanted Roger to leave his partner and finally, he agreed to do just that. On 25th December 2014, the pair planned to spend Christmas together in a hotel room in Birmingham. In the eyes of Sameena, this would be the beginning of a happy public relationship. 

On the lead up to Christmas, Sameena was busy preparing herself for Christmas with her lover, dreaming about the year ahead. Roger and his brother David, were busy plotting to kill Sameena. Although Roger agreed to leave his girlfriend, this isn’t what he truly wanted. Out of fear of his partner finding out about the affair, he decided killing Sameena would be the only option. A couple of weeks later, Roger’s brother, David, killed Samneena in David’s home, where she was expecting to find Roger. He smuggled her to death and buried her in woodland nearby. 

David’s involvement in the murder remains one of the biggest Christmas mysteries.  Why did he kill someone for his brother?

Christmas Witchcraft 

Kristy Bamu was just 15 years old when he died in his sisters flat in London. Kristy was visiting his sister, Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend, Eric Bikubi, from Paris along with other family members. The trip to London started on a bad note when the boyfriend of Kristy’s sister made accusations that the family had brought witchcraft also known as “Kindoki” into the home. 

The boyfriend of Kristy’s sister, Eric was fixated by the idea that Kristy and his sisters were witches. Due to his beliefs, he beat Kristy and his sisters, which then forced his sisters to “confess” that they were witches. Kristy did not confess to anything during this moment and because of this is when the torturing began. Kristy experienced several days of torture, leading up to Christmas day when he was put into a bath full of freezing water. His two siblings were told to get into the bath too. Shortly after, Kristy died from being submerged by the water and drowning.

For those of us who don’t believe in witchcraft, this Christmas mystery remains a difficult one to process… 

These Christmas Mysteries have probably made you feel more disturbed than Christmassy. To get you into the Festive spirit, read our other Christmas blog posts. It’s time to start counting down the days to everyone’s favourite day – Christmas!

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