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Cost of Living in Krakow, Poland

Poland is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, and despite a sharp increase in tourism numbers in the recent years, the city of Krakow has also kept its costs down. If you’re planning a city break or an extended stay in the city, you’ll be pleased to know that everything from accommodation to […]Read More

Cost of Living in Braga

Braga’s mild climate ensures the city remains at a pleasant temperature all year round, with average daily temperatures ranging from 28˚ C in summer to 15˚ C in winter. The city offers plenty of shopping, from high street stores to quirky boutiques, and is also home to the Circuito Vasco Sameiro, a popular venue for […]Read More

Cost of Living in Malaga

Malaga is a chic and cosmopolitan destination for holiday-makers and expats. Many families and couples settle here for the great sunny weather, friendly lifestyle, fresh cuisine, culture, and the amazing Andalusian festivals. It’s still more economical to live in southern Spain than in the northern European countries as property prices and the cost of living […]Read More

Cost of Living in Sofia

The cost of living in Bulgaria is considerably lower than what you would get in the UK. Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places to live in the European Union. If you are moving to Bulgaria, or just visiting as a tourist, you will find the information in this blog very useful. Appartment Hunting It […]Read More

The Cost of Living in Dublin, Ireland

In all honesty, the cost of living in Dublin is very very expensive. There are ways to save money by shopping for groceries in Lidl and Aldi and taking public transport or just walking from A to B.  Even though it’s expensive, it’s hard not to LOVE  it. It’s a fun, vibrant and multicultural city. Dublin […]Read More


Athens is bursting with impressive ruins from the ancient world — which means it’s also bursting with people wanting to see those ruins. Sure, you have to visit the Parthenon and the Acropolis, but you can escape the crowds by visiting other neighbourhoods like Monastiráki, Pláka, and Psyrrí. The city, while kind of difficult to […]Read More

The Cost of Living In Lisbon

It’s unfortunate that the cost of living in Lisbon has risen in the past years – particularly the prices of rent.  Although there are more expensive restaurants and coffee shops than there were a few years ago, most of the other living costs have risen in a much less drastic way. It’s possible to find […]Read More

The Cost of Living In Barcelona

So you’ve decided to move to Barcelona? Or you’re planning to? Depending on where you’re from, the cost of living in Barcelona can be more or less expensive than what you’re used to.  In this blog, we will break down the average living costs in Barcelona. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION  The public transport in Barcelona is amazing! […]Read More

Guide: Welcome To Paris

Paris is an incredible city with hundreds of fun experiences for you, your family and friends to do. Have you been lucky enough to visit Paris or dreaming of that day you do?   Well, here is a list of recommendations before booking that trip to Paris:      RESTAURANTS  GUY SAVOY MADITO  LE CINQ  […]Read More


With many countries still under lockdowwn, the prospect of a fun summer may feel a little out of reach. However, there are still many ways to enjoy this season in quarentine. Using the extra time you have, you can grow and develop new iseas by engaging in healthy practicies and activities youve never thought of […]Read More