Here comes the most spooky, exciting, creative and thrilling day of the year! We have prepared the ultimate Halloween remote work activities ideas for you to have and to have the best work entertainment of the year!


1. What is Halloween?


Let’s start with fun facts: Halloween is one of the most creative and fun parts of the year. It is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31st, it began with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. On the night of October 31st, they would celebrate Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.


2. How would you organize a Halloween remote work activity and where?


Moreover, the majority of the companies are now working remotely due to the current situation: therefore it is time to get creative!


The first question to the ‘how part’ shall be now explained step by step:

a) Put a person in charge of coordination

b) Send a Newsletter with the announcement to your team with the time of the Halloween remote work activities and the link to join in on the meeting

c)   Join the link of the meeting and then the game at the time you invited your team

d) Ask them how they are doing and then explain the rules of the chosen game

e) Play and have fun with them

f)   After the Halloween remote activity is over – Thank them for coming


Additionally, to answer the ‘where part’ we present you the ultimate free tools to communicate with your team during your Halloween remote work activities:

  1.   Discord
  2.   Hangouts
  3.   Slack
  4.   Zoom
  5.   Skype


The idea is to have a channel that has the video option, text messages, screen-sharing in order to effectively do the activity without any worry on the horizon.


3. The ultimate Halloween remote work activities ideas:


We have prepared the ultimate Halloween remote work activities ideas based on two options:


3.1. Extrovert and live connected ideas:


3.1.1  Virtual Free games + a communication tool  

o   Cards against humanity

o   Pictionary online

o   Uno online

o   Karaoke battles

o   Trivia Quiz



3.2  Introvert and creative ideas:


3.2.1. Send the best picture for:


Ø  Halloween Costumes :

o   Human costumes

o   Animal costumes


Ø  Halloween Make-up:

o   Halloween clown make-up

o   Scarecrow make-up

o   Witch make-up



3.2.2 Halloween pumpkin carving ideas


3.2.3  Submit your creative short horror story


3.2.4  Halloween cubicle décor



Make sure you think of a trick or treat for the winners!

Hint: everyone loves Uber eat and Glovo!



4. Why are work activities and Halloween important?


Furthermore, there is a symbolic connection between the Halloween celebration and your team buildings with your co-workers. You may ask ‘but how’ and your doubts shall be answered:

Halloween work activities can be seen as leaving the stress and anxiety behind, spending time together, sharing an experience where you work towards a common goal and bond with one another.

We often forget the little things in life, the happy moments where you have a giggle with yourself just by remembering them. Creating and sharing with your co-workers is vital, productive in the long run and they are absolutely fun to do!


5. When can we do Halloween work activities?


That depends on the culture of the company and the sector however, most companies do them either during happy hour at work for 15-30 minutes or during Saturday’s afternoon. It depends on the availability of the people and the possibility of the company to organize it.

Lastly, you are now well equipped with the ultimate Halloween remote work activities ideas to absolutely have the best time ever with your co-workers!


Let us know in the comments your experience with Halloween remote work ideas and share the guide!

Elena Barbieri

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