10 stages of finding a job abroad.


So, here you are – in your dream destination, far from home, full of hope and ambition. You start searching for a job and here the challenge begins! Hundreds of emails, dozens of interviews, here we show exactly how it happens:

  1. At first you are enthusiastic and full of energy, you check websites, you see hundreds of offers…


2. You carefully pick the most interesting ones…


3. And the waiting begins!


4. Next stage – you apply like crazy to all the the offers you see.


5. You hunt down the recruiters


6. And send them emails full of despair


7. Finally the moment has come! You got an interview invitation!


8. You arrive excited and full of hope


9. But then the nerves set in and you constantly check your email because you have not heard from the recruiter for 2 days already.


10. Finally! You got that one call, you got the job!