Things you can buy in Europe for one euro

Things you can buy for one euro in Europe

Do you think you could spare a euro? If you are one of the many who are making the most of their money, always trying to save money while travelling,  then this advice is definitely for you.

Wherever you go in Europe, there is always something you can buy with just a euro coin, or the equivalent of. Sometimes it can be an incredible bargain or one of those worth-a-try typical local things. Here’s our list of the things you can buy in some European countries with just one euro:

Bulgaria: a banitsa
You can buy a banitsa for just one euro in Bulgaria
Price: 1-1.50 BGN (0.50-0.75 €)

Whenever you decide to visit Bulgaria, you can’t miss this local egg-based breakfast for only one euro.

Czech Republic: beer

beer to buy for one euro

One euro beers are becoming less easy to find since the tourism boom, but if you do your research you can still find some bars (even in the capital) when you can make a toast for one euro.

France: a baguette

French baguette cost one euro

French baguettes are a must buy when coming to this country… and you can do so for a small price!

Belgium: a waffle

Make sure you don’t go the wrong place. Very touristic waffle stands can charge you up to 10 euros, but if you find the right one, one euro is enough.

Croatia: ice cream
You can buy a big scoop of ice cream for just one euro in Croatia
Price: 7.5-10 HRK (1-1.35 €)

This could be another reason why Croatia is a rising summer destination: you can cool down with a big scoop of ice cream for a very reasonable low price.


Malta: Pastizzi

Malta Pastizzi for one euro

You have to taste the most popular traditional pastry from Malta, which is not only delicious but ridiculously cheap.

Spain: a tapa
Price: there’s a very wide range, starting from free

Of course! Popular Spanish tapas can cost you around one euro per tapa and be the perfect accompaniment for a beer or a tinto de verano.

Poland: a roundtrip travel
You can make a roundtrip in Poland for less than one euro
Price: from 1ZL (0.25€)

You can discover the whole country for a euro. If you find the right offer, bus tickets from any Polish city to another can be basically free.

Germany: a pretzel
bretzel germany for one euro
Price: 0.55-1€

Another typical pastry you can get with a single coin!

Italy: an espresso coffee
You can buy an Italian espresso for just one euro
Price: 0.90-1.10 €

As coffee lovers, we can’t skip recommending that you spend a euro to taste coffee in its ultimate form: a dark flavoury Italian espresso.

UK: anything you want at a pound store
Pound shop where everything costs 1 euro
Price: 1£ (around 1.13€)

Ok, it’s not exactly one euro… but United Kingdom is full of the so called pound stores, where literally everything costs one pound.

Are you surprised what an euro can get you? Do you know any other places where watching your pennies is not so much of a stress? Let us know in the comments!