10 Reasons Why People Fail Job Interviews

 10 Reasons Why People Fail Job Interviews

Everyone fails job interviews, but sometimes, its over silly mistakes.

Recruiters meet candidates every day. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes, inevitably, they don’t make the grade. But why do people typically fail job interviews?

Presenting yourself well can be the difference between success and failure. Take our advice on board and improve your interview game!

Arriving too late

Being late to an interview directly gives the impression that the candidate is irresponsible. No matter what excuse you have. Make sure to arrive earlier and enjoy the time to breathe, prepare and motivate you for the interview.

people fail job interviews because not punctuality

Dressing inappropriately

Physical appearance and personal hygiene are both important reasons why people fail job interviews. Play it safe and dress smart while feeling comfortable. Keep in mind that aside from not wanting work with in the same office as someone with out of control body odour, smelling funky will also distract the interviewer from the great answers you’re giving to their questions.

Having bad manners

Of course, recruiters want to hire employees that have positive attitudes. During a job interview, there are certain habits to avoid in order to maximise your chances of getting the job. Fix your posture, don’t chew gum or have your mobile phone out – remember to put it on SILENT! Being polite and pleasant is one of the best ways to ensure a great first impression.

bad attitude interview

Too long or incomplete CV

This will often present a problem in the job search before you even get to the interview stage. Your CV should act as a summary of your career and experiences. Remember that the employer will most likely have the CV in front of them in the interview, so it’s important you can explain every part of it, whilst making it easy for the employer to go through it. Make sure it’s something that you’re proud of, but that is concise enough to keep someone interested.

long cv job application

Not knowing anything about the company

People often fail job interviews because they don’t have any information about the company or the job they are applying to. Be sure to do your research or your on a one track road to a discarded application. You should have at least a basic understanding of what the company does, and know the job description and required skills for the position. A good thing to do is to establish a list with the reasons you will fit well.


Don’t look like you are bored. Yawning or not paying attention is perceived as you aren’t interested in being there. It also gives off the impression that this interview is not worth your time. Remember the company is doing you a favour at this stage – not the other way round!

yawning job interview


Non-verbal communication is key to interview success. One of the very first examples of this form of communication you can give is the handshake. Make sure you do it with confidence, not too strong but not too weak.

handshake job

Checking the time

The day of your interview make sure you have enough time before AND after the interview. Sometimes interviews can go on longer than expected. If you have somewhere to be then watch-checking can lose you the position. If the recruiter perceives that you are anxious to leave, they might let you go but won’t call you back.

time job interview

Taking it too personally

Sometimes recruiters will make you feel uncomfortable to see how you react to it, so don’t lose your cool and remain calm even if the recruiter asks you tricky questions – they’re testing your ability to act under pressure. However, interviews are also a great chance to assess how well you’d fit into the company, so if the interviewer is being overly aggressive or making you particularly uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to take it as a sign you might not want to work with that company.

bad reaction interview

Too nervous / over-confident

Recruiters are expecting candidates to be nervous, but try to control it or they might think you don’t trust yourself. On the other had, over-confidence is never the way to go, recruiters will quickly discard you because of your arrogance.

nervous job interview

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What’s the craziest interview you’ve been to? Let us know in the comments below!

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