6 Contradictions That All Upcoming Graduates Are Facing

 6 Contradictions That All Upcoming Graduates Are Facing

Graduating this year?

Don’t panic! Everyone else is experiencing the same conflicting feelings as you ??

Get ready for a whole new confusing and beautiful era of your life! Have you found yourself saying these contradictions recently?


“I’m so relieved that exams are finally over…

Years of study have all come down to the last couple of months. And it has been STRESSFUL.

When exams are finally over


…wait, what do I do now?”

Life.. so empty… so much free time… why do I keep on waking up early and getting anxious about phantom exams??

what do I do now?


“I am going to explore the world!…

For months I’ve been dreaming about getting out the library and onto a beach somewhere. I can’t wait to become ‘The Traveller’.

I am going to explore the world!

…I have never been more ready for home sweet home”

You can’t beat mama’s cooking. Sorry backpack, you may have to wait.

home sweet home


“Employers, watch out! First real job, here I come!…

Can’t wait to use my new skills as a professional. Do I still have that suit from my sister’s wedding last year..?

First real job, here I come

..is that leftover student loan? Pfff I’m rich!”

Maybe summer will be all about the clubs and celebrating with fellow graduates, or maybe it’ll be a couple of months on the sofa with Netflix. Either way, I reckon the job search can wait (spoiler alert: it can’t).

the job search can wait



“We have a (short) period of student life left without the inconvenience of studying! …

Yay! I don’t have to feel guilty about partying on a Tuesday.

Don't feel you feel guilty about partying on a Tuesday

…but one by one all my uni friends are returning home!”

Be social! We may never have this chance again ?

Returning at home


“Look at those first years. Hah! We’ve come so far…

We are the kings of the university. I know everything there is to know about this place, and my course. #Boss

We are the kings of the university

…am I a grown-up now? But I don’t know how to adult!”

Did I miss something? Am I supposed to know how to adult now?

am I a grown-up now?


“My degree is FINALLY over. I thought it would never end…

I am so ready for this period of my life to be over.

My degree is FINALLY over

…why am I sobbing over lecture notes?”

Is it really over? But… university, I love you!

university, I love you!

It’s gonna be tough. Your life is going to change after graduation, but don’t worry! It will be an adventure and you’re more ready than you think.

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