6 Reasons You Should Date A Polyglot

 6 Reasons You Should Date A Polyglot

It’s a common fantasy; you go on holiday, or to a party, you meet an exotic foreigner, or a traveller, and they are everything you ever wanted dreamed of.

And this is not an unusual fantasy; there is a reason you are attracted to polyglots (in fact, there are 6).  Here is why you should date a polyglot:

1. They are great to invite to parties

They are great to invite to parties - Date a polyglot

Polyglots have lived a new life for every language in different places across the globe, so they are the perfect side-kick at any social event; they’ve had to make new friends in more than one language and in a variety of unusual places, more times than they can count, so you know they’ll bring life to the party.

2. Great communicators

Great communicators - Date a polyglot

There are not many people who can say that they have studied listening, except anyone who has learned a second language. Listening, communicating a message clearly, and understanding meaning are all things that a polyglot deals with like a professional; you won’t have to worry so much about those misunderstandings!

3. Languages are sexy

Languages are sexy - Date a Polyglot

If your date is foreign, their accent will blow you away, and they’ve had to learn your language from scratch so the conversation will always be interesting and they’ll love practising with you. If they are the same nationality as you, they can still impress you by talking to the French waiter or explaining the foreign dishes on the menu. And don’t even get me started on post-date activities; you are not limited to flirting in just one language..!

4. They will take you travelling

They will take you travelling - Date a polyglot

Think of the possibilities; polyglots are likely to have travelled before, and will know more about foreign cultures than any tour guide. They can speak the language, and take you places you never knew were possible. Plus, as they’re an experienced traveller, taking holidays will be stress-free, and their wanderlust is stronger than most people’s.

5. You’ll become cultured AF

You’ll become cultured AF - Date a polyglot

All of that travelling and learning about other cultures from you other half will open your eyes to the world in a way that you hadn’t realised was possible before. You will watch obscure foreign films, go to cultural events, and begin to absorb the real skill of the polyglot; to understand other cultures, not just other languages.

  1. Polyglots work hard

Polyglots work hard - Date a polyglot

More than people appreciate, polyglots are hard workers, multi-taskers, and perfectionists. They have learned to study things in detail, to understand the importance of context, and they will keep working until a solution is found. Speaking another language is a skill of multi-tasking; the transition of one language into another, speaking and translating in your mind while keeping up a conversation and possibly having a drink or doing the washing up. They will work hard at the relationship, and make it work!

Would you ever date a polyglot? Or have you ever dated one? Did you find this to be true?



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