7 Unusual Museums in Europe You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

 7 Unusual Museums in Europe You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

The Louvre, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums… Europe’s museums are rich with history and culture. Wherever you go there is plenty to see! But there’s more to Europe’s collection of museums outside of just history and art museums. Here’s a list of 7 unusual (and sometimes creepy) museums in Europe!

1. Neon Museum (Warsaw, Poland)

Both unusual and beautiful, this Polish museum has made a mission of collecting as many neon signs as possible. All of these used to be found all over the city until the fall of the Soviet Union when they were all taken down.

2. Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia) 

This museum is probably one of the most original in Europe. People donate small items that represent their failed relationship and attach a brief description explaining how that item reminds them of their ex. These pieces are not necessarily sad, although some explanations are sentimental, many are funny!

3. Paris Sewers Museum (Paris, France) 

The Paris Sewers Museum is a guided tour through Paris’ undergrounds. Probably one of the most interesting things in this “museum” is the fact that the system has its own street signs (which are the same as the roads above) so you could actually stroll along the most well-known Parisian streets without seeing any of the beautiful buildings.

4. The Icelandic Phallological Museum (Húsavik, Iceland)

Yes, you read that right. The exhibition contains a collection of over one hundred phallus belonging to all the Icelandic mammals (both land and sea). The museum also has a folklore section with examples from elves, trolls and sea monsters…

5. Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory (Rome, Italy)

This has to be one of the creepiest of the unusual museums in Europe. Inside a small room in the Church of the Sacred Heart you can find this sinister museum displaying books, bed linen and ancient clothing with marks of fingers and hands… These scars are supposedly pleas for assistance from lost souls who are struggling between Heaven and Hell.

6. Funeral Carriage Collection (Barcelona, Spain)

This collection of funeral carriages is probably the most obscure museum in Barcelona, not only because of the carriages (dating from the 18th century) but also because it is pretty much a secret. If you want to visit it you must report to the city’s Municipal Funeral Services from where you will be guided to the basement by a security guard.

7. Currywurst Museum (Berlin, Germany)

This museum is all about the German sausage; Currywurst. If you are in Berlin you should definitely visit and you’ll learn all about this German culinary speciality!

Europe is full of weird stuff! Where’s the weirdest place you’ve been to in Europe? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • I need to go to all of these. I’ve wanted to go to the museum of broken relationships for a while, but these are all so fantastic! It’d be a hell of a road trip to try and get them all!

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