5 Advantages Of Having A Multicultural Background

 5 Advantages Of Having A Multicultural Background

Having a multicultural background is not something to be ashamed of, in fact, it’s more of a blessing!

Not many of us have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to cultures that differ from our own in neither our childhood nor adult life like someone with a multicultural background. Although the internet has helped a lot in widening our knowledge of foreign culture, it is undeniable that watching actors on TV eating Kimchi on your favorite Korean drama is not anywhere near as fulfilling as immersing yourself in that particular culture. Being in Seoul living, socializing, experiencing their cultural norms, and trying their cuisine undoubtedly trumps what we can learn from the mere confines of television or the internet.

Due to your multicultural background, at times you may feel as though you do not belong to a concrete group. On the other hand, this does not have to be something negative – it gives you the opportunity to socialise with a broader range of people, from different backgrounds.  Having a multicultural background is one of the most amazing qualities to discover in a person.

1. Open-mindedness

You read it right – open-mindedness is one characteristic that connects the majority of people with a multicultural background. Studies have shown that people who have been exposed to various cultures in their lifetime are more tolerant of others compared to those who have not previously been exposed to different types of cultures.

2. Empathy towards other cultures

Another is that they are culturally empathetic – they are very tolerant of people who have cultural backgrounds that differ from theirs. They can easily understand and read others feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

3. Sources of inspiration – Creativity

They say diversity is the key to creativity!  It’s totally understandable that a person with a diverse background has an advantage in this department. You look for inspiration from more than one culture and different experiences. Not only does this affect your creativity but also your perspectives on ideas.

4. Adaptability

They adapt to different environments easily, making them exceptional traveling buddies. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed by their company!

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”  Charles Darwin. 

5. Social skills

Having more social skills is another advantage of a multicultural background. People that are multicultural tend to socialize more and are usually very approachable! This is due to the fact they usually have friends across the world, and they visit their families that live in different parts of the globe making numerous connections as a result.


These are just 5 of the advantages of having a multicultural background. Find more blogs on travelling, language learning and much more here.

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