Best expat blogs to follow in 2018

 Best expat blogs to follow in 2018

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to ou started is not the same as never leaving.” – Terry Pratchett

Becoming an expat is not an easy decision to make and maybe you should have a look at the reasons why not to move abroad before reading this article about the best expat blogs to follow 2018.

However, for many of us, working and living abroad is a big adventure that requires a lot of thinking, research and planning. For example, do you know which are the most demanded countries and sectors in Europe? What is the cost of living abroad in different countries? Is it easy to find a job in your field? Which languages should I speak?

Even if such a big step can seem a little scary at the beginning, a lot of people have already lived this experience and some of them enjoy sharing their experience on personal blogs, vlogs and social media accounts.

So, we have prepared a list of the best expat blogs to follow. These individuals spread across Europe will tell you their own story with on-the-ground info from Europe’s coolest cities, tips on finding a job, expat experiences, the best places to see and eat, etc. So, enjoy!

Best expat blogs

➡ Helene in Between

  Best expat blogs 2018 Helene in Between

Helene and her husband decided to do something crazy: they packed their suitcases and their two dogs to move from Texas to Heidelberg in Germany. Her website is about blogging (strategies to create a successful blog), travelling and, luckily for us, how to deal with the experience of living abroad. You will find interesting articles such as “why I moved to Germany” or “the truth about moving abroad”.

If you decide to live overseas and that you want to share your adventure by writing a blog, she will guide you with some top tips and strategies! Maybe one day you will appear in an article about the best expat blogs to follow, who knows?

Best expat blogs Helene in between Germany

Check Helene’s Instagram here.

➡ Just Moved to Switzerland

Best expat blogs 2018 Just moved to Switzerland

Larisa, originally from Canada, was born to Moldovan-Ukrainian parents. Like many expats these days, she decided to leave her home country for love, and she settled in Zurich, Switzerland. As she says herself: “long distance relationships usually require one person to eventually move for the other, and damn it, he got the great job first, so here I am.”

She will give you tips to find a German course in Zurich, some stories about the official procedures of moving, a selection of the best places to enjoy a meal and the hotspots to visit in Switzerland: the perfect preparation for living abroad!

Best expat blogs just moved to switzerland

Check her Instagram account here.


➡ Migrating Miss

Best expat blog 2018 Migrating Miss Scotland

“Travel is what I love, and travel is what I do.”

Let’s continue with our list of the best expat blogs with Migrating Miss, a.k.a. Sonja. She began travelling at the age of 16 and she hasn’t really stopped since then (lucky for some!). Her scratch map (if she has one) will be quite impressive. She was raised in a small town in New Zealand, has lived in 5 other countries and has travelled to 40 in total. Her last stop was in Iceland, she is currently living in Edinburgh (Scotland) and her next stop will be her home country, to New Zealand! You see, she never stops!

Her blog is a source of advice about living abroad, travel trips, blogging, and some personal commentary on the expat life. Sonja decided to create this blog to prove that it is possible to travel while living abroad!

Have a look to her article about “12 Expat Jobs That Will Help You Travel The World”.

Best expat blogs migrating miss

Check Instagram here.

➡ Surviving in Italy

Best expat blogs 2018 Surviving in Italy

A Non-Traditional Travel Blog

Everything began when this American girl moved to Italy for grad school. And as you can guess, she obviously met a beautiful Italian guy who throw far away her need to go back home.

This is an authentic blog about her adventures, cultural misunderstandings, Italian food, missed flight and everything in between. She will tell you the good, the bad and even the depressing (missing home) of her expat life through different stories.

Her blog is also a good way to understand the Italian system and culture with frequently asked questions about working and studying in Italy.

Best expat blogs Surviving in Italy

Check Instagram here.


➡ I wander and roam

Best expat blogs 2018 I wander and roam

Claire comes from the UK and is currently living in Amsterdam where she works as a digital content specialist. But how did she end up there? Quite simple. She escaped the grey weather of England by moving to Madrid in 2014 where she fell for a Dutch guy who brought her back to the grey skies of his country.

But don’t worry, she travels as often as possible to discover a new destination at least once a month (near and far from home). This is an awesome expat blogs sharing travel tips, diaries pictures, tales of her expat life in Amsterdam, city guides and food hotspots.

This blog has something more, original and helpful: a mini where you can find the hotels and hostels she has already tested on her own trips. We love it!

Best expat blogs I wander and roam The Netherlands

Check Instagram here.

➡ XpatAthens

Best expat blogs 2018 XpatAthens Greece

XpatAthens is an expat blog created by a team of spirited foreigners living in and passionate about Athens. They came up with the idea to launch a platform for the English-speaking community of Athens, with useful information about the city, events, resources, city tours as well as a survival guide to get to know the Greek culture.

If you decided to move to Athens, this expat blog will help you find your place and make Athens your home.

Best expat blogs XpatAthens

Are you thinking about relocating to Greece? Find out the reasons why Greece is the new place to start your career as a German speaker!

If you’ve made up your mind and are moving abroad then make sure you check out our six step guide to moving abroad.

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