Camping in Spain: the wildest places

 Camping in Spain: the wildest places

Get away from the irritating noise of the city and find the ideal camping in Spain to relax!

It is always good to get out of the usual routine sometimes and take in some fresh air. Undoubtedly, one of the cheapest ways to do it is to go camping, be it on the beach or in the mountains. Equipped with a tent, caravan, motorhome or just sleeping under the stars, nature is there to be explored.

the wildest places to go camping in Spain

However, due to the strict legislation that regulates free camping in Spain, there are less and less sites where you are allowed to sleep in the middle of the nature. Maybe you are prepared to spend a large amount of money per person on the expensive and crowded camping in Costa Brava.

We hope you enjoy the list of the best free campsite in Spain

Camping in Spain: the wildest places

Isla de Ons (Galicia)

Go camping in Spain, in Isla de Ons

This beautiful archipelago is part of the first National park of Galicia, founded in 2002. The whole island is wonderful but there are some places that you simply must visit, for example the highest point of the island called “El Cucorno” upon which sits “el Faro de Ons”, a lighthouse where visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of the whole islands.

This unique rural coastline is the perfect campsite in Spain to escape the atmospheric contamination of the city. However, wild camping is only permitted during summer times (from 1 June until 30 September) for a maximum of 5 days and you need to previously ask for a permit through the tourism office.

Camping Lagos de Somiedo (Asturias)

One of the best camping in Spain is in Lagos de Somiedo

As camping in Spain go maybe this one seems less wild than the other ones, it is located by the side of a stream, in the middle of the quiet village of Lago in Asturias. If you want to be more isolated, you can spend your journey in a private river island, only accessible by a wooden bridge.

The advantage of this campsite is that you can find the basic facilities of modern camping with rustic showers, lavatories, sinks, and even a small bar while sleeping in traditional tents in the middle of the nature.

Moreover, the region is recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where you could, if you are lucky and patient enough, explore the exciting wildlife of the region.

Link of the website:

El Salado, Isla de La Graciosa (Lanzarote)

Go camping in Lanzarote

If you are looking for a place of paradise without the need to go to Caribbean, this campsite is your destination! The beach “El Salado” is one of the smallest Islands of Lanzarote and is the only place where you could organise a free campsite. This golden sandy beach with crystalline water is ideal for a romantic getaway.

For this idyllic campsite, you need to make a previous reservation online, ask for a permit and respect some conditions such as not staying more than a week, not using any structures other than tents, not exceeding the number of 10 people per plot, etc. We also recommend that you bring a tent suitable for high temperatures.

A Curota (Galicia)

the best camping in spain is in A Curota

If you don’t just want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes during your camping holiday but you also would like to get into the local wildlife, take a break in A Curota! Live among the wild horses and cows in a natural environment with views of “Las Rías Rías de Arousa y Muros-Noia”. In this camping in Spain, it is recommended to take good sound isolators and sleeping bags to keep warm during the cold nights.

El Xorret del Catí  (Alicante)

Situated in the province of Alicante, El Xorret del Catí is a welcome refuge, a free campsite, a recreational area and a hotel. All these facilities are surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, between la Sierra del Maigmo and la Sierra del Cid.

The free campsite offers toilet facilities, hot water showers, barbecues, picnic area as well as a bar.

If you want an overview of the camping in Spain and where you can camp outdoors for free, you can check this map made by EcoInventos.

Continue your adventure and start exploring the places where to go camping in France or check out our article about hiking in the woods.

Rouse your inner adventurer!

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