Europe In Miniature: Tiny Countries You Should Visit

 Europe In Miniature: Tiny Countries You Should Visit

Europe has so much to offer to tourists wanting to see different, beautiful places, and choosing where to go can be a really difficult process.

Often, people focus on the big, famous countries and landmarks, and miss out on some of the most beautiful gems hidden out there. Sometimes the smallest countries have the most to offer in terms of uniqueness and amazing experiences, so it’s well worth doing some research to see if you are missing something just because it isn’t as well known as France or Germany. Here are some of the best small European countries for you to add to your list of potential holiday destinations.


1) San Marino

Offering some absolutely stunning mountain views, San Marino is a micro-state in Italy. It has beautiful medieval towns, including the capital, Città di San Marino, and you can enjoy a visit steeped in history and individuality.

small european countries san marino

2) Cyprus

Perhaps one which is becoming better known now, Cyprus is still often overlooked because of its small size, but it has some of the most spectacular beaches you will find across the globe. Combining Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek cultures, it offers an absolutely unique flavor to visitors, with breathtaking scenery and architecture.


3) Luxembourg

A country at times ruled by France, Germany, Spain, and Austria, Luxembourg regained independence in 1860, and presents a strongly individual culture to visitors, steeped in proud history. “There are old castles, bridges, moats, and medieval relics enough to satisfy any enthusiastic tourist, but it also offers some amazing modern architecture which is not to be missed, especially when blended with the beauty of the past, forming a memorable picture for any tourist” says Dan Smith, a Travel blogger at Big Assignments and Ox Essays .

small european countries luxembourg

4) Andorra

One of the less well-known European countries, Andorra is located between Spain and France, up in the Pyrenees Mountains. It houses some fabulous ski slopes and hiking trails, with extraordinary views, as well as amazing shopping facilities (tax-free!), making it an attractive destination whatever your interests. There’s a great mixture of modern buildings and facilities, and ancient architecture, such as a church from the 12th century.

small european countries andorra

5) Malta

If history is your particular passion, Malta should definitely come high up on your list of potential destinations. Situated in the Mediterranean between Italy and North Africa, it boasts an amazingly appealing climate, but more than this, it really is a history buff’s dream. Prehistoric temples, possibly as early as 3600BC, and a massive burial site both have UNESCO World Heritage status. There is also an extraordinary ancient church in the country’s capital. Add that to the already attractive positioning and the scuba facilities available, and you might find yourself itching to book your ticket.


6) Norway

In contrast to the above, if you’re somebody who likes a rather cooler environment, Norway might be the destination for you. Imagine watching the Northern Lights glimmer in the night sky, or even spotting a polar bear ambling across the ice. Norway is famous for good food and stunning scenery all year round. There is so much to do that there is something for everyone. Whether you want to sledge with huskies, sleep in an ice hotel, or just soak in the gorgeous views from the comfort of a cozy cabin.

7) Monaco

Monaco is a tiny country in the French Riviera, bordering only with France and Mediterranean Sea. It’s a magnet for rich people and everyone who wants to enjoy a great vacation. It features beautiful beaches, gambling and having fun. “Monaco has 300 sunny days a year and it’s really enchanting. This country, even though it’s second smallest after Vatican, packs a strong punch with beautiful scenery, activities, historical sites and fun.”, comments Brent Hoffman, a Travel writer atState of writing< style=”color: black;”> and Academized.

8) Wales

Another country which you may not have thought of visiting, Wales has an enormous amount to offer to any tourist. With gorgeous views and a fabulous coastline, best enjoyed in the summer months. It has some amazing hiking trails – enough to satisfy any keen walker – with beautiful scenery, and a very rural atmosphere. You can camp, climb, swim in the sea, learn to surf, and keep an eye out for some of the fabulous wildlife, including puffins and even the odd orca exploring the coast.

Vacations are often the most memorable, precious moments in our lives. So do some thorough research and find a place which really calls out to you – remember, when it comes to traveling, size doesn’t matter. Make sure to visit these small European countries!


Nora Mork is a travel writer and blogger at UK Writings and Boom Essays blogs. She enjoys yoga, attending traveling events and writing posts for magazines and blogs, such as Essay Roon

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