Geography Quiz: European Airports

 Geography Quiz: European Airports

This geography test is all about testing your knowledge of European airports. With over 40.000 airports in the world, it would be impossible to know them all. However, there are some that are more memorable than others thanks to their name. A special few are named after famous people. But how many of these will you recognise? Match the city to the famous figure to score full marks in this geography European airports quiz!

Which mediterranean airport is named after legendary astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei?

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Which airport is named after legendary Manchester United player George Best?

manchester united
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Following the Manchester United theme, which Portuguese airport was named after the world cup star Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Which UK airport was named after the legendary heroic outlaw Robin Hood?

robin hood
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Charles de Gaulle is the name of which international airport?

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Which airport is named after Hippocrates, the so-called father of medicine?

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Christopher Columbus (or Cristoforo Colombo in his native language) has been honoured by which airport?

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Is which airport named after Pope John Paul II?

pope john paul
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Named after the man considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature, which airport is named after Alexander S.Pushkin?

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Fill in the gap; _________ John Lennon airport

the beatles
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Which airport is named after Adolfo Suárez, a key figure in Spain’s transition to democracy after the Franco era, and the country’s first democratically elected Prime Minister since the Second Republic?

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Naming their airports after iconic figures is clearly a popular trend in Italy, but which of their airports is named after Leonardo da Vinci?

da vinci
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Geography Quiz: European Airports
You're basically a qualified pilot!

You either have some amazing general knowledge or absolutely no fear of flying!
Your landing wasn't so smooth on this one.

You made some good guesses and some even landed well... just not all of them...
That was one rough journey.

If that quiz was a plane ride, there would've been turbulence the whole way through, with a particularly bumpy landing.

How did you find it? Did you know Paris’ Charles de Gaulle is the second busiest airport in Europe, second only to London Heathrow? In 2018 it served 72.2 million passengers – that’s 5 million more people than the entire population of France!

Here are some more of our favourite European airport facts:

  • Zhukovsky International Airport in Moscow, Russia has the longest runway in Europe, at 5.5km long. european airports quiz
  • Lufthansa Group is Europe’s largest airline group.It flies to over 200 destinations in 81 different countries.
  • Zurich, Stockholm and Oslo airport are amongst the most eco-friendly airports in the world. 
  • Mykonos airport was the most delayed in Europe in summer 2019, with half the flights being delayed.
  • airBaltic was the most punctual airline in Europe in 2018, and the UK’s Birmingham Airport was the top medium airport with on-time performance of 89.52% and Spain’s Tenerife North was the top small airport with 90.05% of flights arriving or departing on time.


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