Geography Quiz: How well do you know European currency?

 Geography Quiz: How well do you know European currency?

This European currency quiz isn’t all about the Euro!

Even though it’s by far the most widespread European currency, there’s still many countries that haven’t yet adopted the Euro. Take this European currency quiz to test your geography knowledge.


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€1 = 123.09 Lek

Czech Republic

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€1 = 25.49 Kc

Great Britain

union jack britain
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€1 = £0.86


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€1 = 7.44 Kuna


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€1 = 331.62 Forint


guess the language quiz
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€1 = 10.14 Krone


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€1 = 117.41 Dinar


guess the language quiz
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€1 = 70.63 Ruble


guess the language quiz
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€1 = 10.65 Krona


guess the language quiz
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€1 = 27.27 hryvnia

Bonus question: Other than Switzerland, which country uses the Swiss Franc?

swiss franc
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€1 = 1.10 franc

European Currency
Uh oh

Better get back to the books and learn a little more about European currency!

Ok, but I'd hardly call you a traveler!

You know your stuff!

How did you find it? Did we manage to catch you out at all? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fancy learning a bit more about European currencies? Here are 5 fast fun facts:

  • 9 EU Countries Don’t Use the Euro; Denmark, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
  • An image of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom has appeared on coins for at least 1000 years (and was quite often the only way a person living in the country would know what their monarch looked liked!)
  • The Hungarian currency name “forint” actually comes from the city of Florence, where gold coins minted in 1252 and beyond were called “fiorino”. The Hungarians took inspiration; thus leading to their currency being named the forint.
  • As well as Lichtenstein, the Swiss Franc is official currency of an Italian town called Campione d’ltalia and a German town called Bussingen!
  • UK sterling pound has a few nicknames
    • Quid = pound (e.g. £20 = 20 quid)
    • Grand = £1000
    • Tenner = A £10 note


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