Geography Quiz: European Rivers

 Geography Quiz: European Rivers

No collection of European geography quizzes is complete without a European rivers quiz. Some of Europe’s most famous cities are most well recognised by their impressive bridges and rivers. This should help in making this quiz a little easier…

Let the European Rivers Quiz begin

Which river flows under Florence’s Ponte Vecchio?

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Which river, with the same name as a beer, runs through Amsterdam?

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Where is the Volga (the longest river in Europe) found?

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The Thames cannot be found in which city?

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Which major European river has its sources in Switzerland and flows through Germany and the Netherlands, flowing into the North Sea?

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Which river famously bisects Budapest?

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The mouth of the biggest river in the Iberian peninsula, The Tagus, is situated near which city?

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Which famous bridge does the Vltava flow under?

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The source of Lake Geneva is which major European river?

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Which saint’s ashes were thrown into The Seine, Paris?

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Geography Quiz: European Rivers
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Desperate for some more water-related geography facts?

  • The Elbe River helped form the border between East and West Germany.
  • Most of the world’s major cities are located near the banks of rivers or oceans. This was originally for trade purposes since waterways have always been the most feasible, cost-effective method of transporting heavy goods over long distances. Hence for cities to thrive economically, they need access to waterways.
  • This tradition goes back to prehistoric times, as people settled along the banks of rivers. Rivers were vital to helping communities thrive, as it was where they found fish to eat and water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Even major civilizations such as the Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, the Egyptian and the Chinese civilizations have developed on the banks of rivers.
  • The University Boat Race is a race between the rivalling universities of Oxford and Cambridge. It is an annual event held on the Thames River. The crews feature eight members who compete on the 6,779 m course.
  • There are 17 countries that don’t have a single river. These include Malta, Qatar, and The Bahamas.
  • With over 100,00 rivers, Russia has more rivers than any other country. 

If you have any fun geography facts, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.


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