Greek Stereotypes: True or False?

 Greek Stereotypes: True or False?

Today, we will travel along the Mediterranean Sea, and focus on Greek stereotypes. Do you have any? It is time to check if they are well founded!

Greeks are hairy

This is false ! There is everything, as in all countries. It’s also quite difficult to know, because both men and women take care of themselves. What is certain is that this cliché is false: not all Greeks are covered in thick hair, don’t worry.

Greeks are loud

That’s true. The Greeks like to express their opinion, and asserting something with a strong voice supports the argument. In general, it is said that this is because Greeks tend to be expressive, especially when they socialize with people!

Greeks are care free


This Greek stereotypes is completely false. In addition, the 2008 crisis caused many problems in the lives of Greeks and brought additional anxiety about their future.

Greeks are gossipers


Actually, this stereotypes is quite true: many Greeks love to take an interest in the lives of their neighbours, their friends… It’s a bad thing, but let’s be honest: deep down, we’re all fond of these little stories about the lives of others.

Greeks are smokers

Unfortunately this is true. Greece is one of the most smoky countries in Europe. Many Greeks have been smoking since the age of 15. Moreover, a large number of Greeks do not respect anti-tobacco laws, and smoking is becoming an increasingly common public health problem in Greece.

Greeks are mamma’s boys & daddy’s girls

Greek parents, as in many other countries, are reputed to protect their children a lot. In addition, Greeks tend to leave the family home quite late, which consolidates the reputation of mamma’s boys & daddy’s girls. Indeed, when a Greek permanently leaves the family home, it is usually to get married and start a family. So in a way, yes, this stereotype is true.

Greeks love feta cheese

It is true: feta cheese is a religion in Greece. The Greeks use this sheep’s cheese for all meals, from breakfast to dinner. They go well with pasta, salads, vegetables… Well, it must also be said that once you have tasted these delicious little blocks, you quickly understand why the Greeks are so fond of them.

Greeks are hospitable, friendly and welcoming

Greece is known as a particularly friendly country. As a result, Greeks have acquired a reputation for helping their fellow citizens and tourists who seek help, and for being very open to communication, regardless of differences in age and origin. Greeks are delighted to introduce visitors to their country, and do not hesitate to open their doors to foreigners who come to take an interest in them… so yes, this stereotypes is quite true.

Greeks say “opa” a lot

That’s quite false. In reality, “opa” is a word used to mean astonishment or surprise. The rest of the time, the Greeks do not use it, and this word is more used by tourists who think they are imitating the Greeks.

Greeks are lazy

This stereotype is completely false. Moreover, according to the European Commission, Greeks have long been the country in Europe where people worked the most.

Were you surprised to discover the Greek stereotypes? Do you have any others to propose? Feel free to tell us in commentary !

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See you soon!

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