The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Whilst Traveling

 The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Whilst Traveling

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The top 10 most annoying things whilst traveling.

We all love traveling – choosing our ideal destination, buying flight tickets and planning our itinerary. However, sometimes we come across annoying things that can easily destroy our perfect holiday mood. Here we have listed the top ten most annoying things whilst travelling abroad.

  1. People who have never heard of personal space. There’s no need to burst someone’s personal space bubble. Standing within 30 cm in the queue is not going to make it move faster.

  1. Loud passengers in the plane/train/bus. 99% of the time people are not interested in what you’re talking about, much less when you’re in a confined space. The worst is those people who are talking really loudly about their wild night out last night on a 5 hour train journey when you just want to take a nap to speed the journey up a bit. No Stephanie, hearing about how you slipped in your vomit last night doesn’t make me want to pee my pants, I guess you just had to be there…

  1. Cat-calling in the streets. The bane of all girls lives. Dear men, the louder you scream, the less attractive you become.

  1. No wifi at the airport. Or the hotel. Or the whole city.

  1. People who take photos near attractions and don’t move on after the picture is done. I want my picture pushing over the leaning tower too Susan!
  1. Disrespectful attitude of the tourists towards staff. You are guests here, please behave!

  1. Forgetting your toothbrush/deodorant/glasses/etc. The struggle is real having to choose between having a questionable odour for the rest of the day or finding an open supermarket in an unknown area.

  1. When the only two days it rains in July happen to be on the weekend you decided to go on holidays. Why does this always happen?

  1. Paid toilets in tourist sites. Exactly 20 cents???? But I just need to pee!

10. People speaking their native language to locals and expecting them to understand. Bonus points to the ones who get really annoyed at them for not understanding.

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