Pick up lines to help you flirt in 4 languages

 Pick up lines to help you flirt in 4 languages

Never has multilingualism been more useful than when we all want to communicate in the language of love.

Perhaps you are living abroad over this Valentine’s Day, or perhaps there’s a special someone you’d like to seduce but you need the lingo to do so.

Either way, here is a guide to charming your foreign friends and enjoying a multicultural romance.

Here are the pick up lines in 4 languages:

French pick up lines

french pick up lines

There is no doubt that we should begin this list with French. Afterall, French is stereotypically the most romantic language.

So let’s start with introductions:

Bonjour ma belle / Bonjour beau gosse – Hello beautiful (fem.) / Hello handsome (masc.)

Je peux t’inviter à un verre ?Can I get you a drink?

Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous:

Il fait chaud ici, ou c’est juste toi ?Is it hot in here or is it just you? (a typical French pickup line, so it must work)

German pick up lines

german pick up lines

If you’re going by stereotypes, German wouldn’t be the first language you associate with romance. (Just kidding Germans, your language is beautiful)

Hallo meine Schöne / Hallo Hübscher – Hello beautiful (fem.) / Hello handsome (masc.)

Kann ich dich zu einem Bier einladen? – Can I get you a beer? (Of course, you must offer a beer)

And for more forward people:

Du bist so schön, dass ich meine Anmache vergessen habe  – You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line (saves you thinking one up as well)

Dutch pick up lines

dutch pick up lines

Word of precaution: don’t use these chat up lines if you’re walking round a particularly red part of Amsterdam.

Dag, schoonheid / Hey, lekker ding – Hello gorgeous (fem.) / Hey tasty thing (fem.)

For a man, you may just want to stick to a simple Hallo (hello). To the point.

Wil je iets drinken? – Would you like something to drink? (The Dutch are better than the English at keeping it short)

And if you like to take a more witty approach.

Geloof je in liefde op het eerste gezicht? Of moet ik nog een keer voorbij lopen? 

Do you believe in love at the first sight? Or do you want me to walk past you again?

Spanish pick up lines

¡Olé! All your Latino and Spanish friends will go loco for your new Hispanic skills.

Hola guapa / Hola guapo – Hello beautiful (fem.) / Hello handsome (masc.)

¿Te puedo invitar una copa? – Can I get you a drink?

More daring options include:

¡Quién fuera bizco para verte dos veces!I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you twice! (being drunk works just as well for double vision)

We hope your new seductive language skills help you find romance, or at least that they give you a reason to laugh! Pick up lines in 4 languages 

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  • I don’t have nearly enough sperwg-flonriing bulbs, and really need to do something about that. Yours are just lovely, although a lot of them are probably not cold-hardy enough for me.

  • Hideous lines! 🙂

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