Quiz: Writing A Successful CV

 Quiz: Writing A Successful CV

Your CV is your first opportunity to sell yourself to the employer, first impressions count – so you better make it good!

Although the interview stage is the most important stage, the CV determines your chances of getting an interview so it needs to be well written, structured and needs to contain relevant information.

There are lots of myths about what to include and what not to include on your CV. Lucky for you, Europe Language Jobs has lots of great tips and tricks to help you write a winning CV and Coverletter.

This quiz contains 8 questions that you should know in order to write a successful CV!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Do you need to adjust your CV for each country?

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Different countries have different rules when it comes to the structure of a CV, it´s important to complete some research and see what is expected in the country you are applying to work in.

In England, are you required to include a photograph on your British CV?

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In England, adding a CV to your resume is seen as unnecessary. The main focus of your CV should be your skills, experience and qualifications, how you look should not affect your chances of employment!

On your CV you should include the following details: phone number, email, Skype and...

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It´s important to include a variety of contact details to make it easier for the recruiter to contact you and by including your LinkedIn profile in your CV, you are showcasing your experiences, achievements and referrals to the hiring manager as well as giving them the opportunity to connect with you through there.

Should you send the same CV to all of your job applications?

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Before applying for a job, it´s important to read over the job description and see what skills and experiences are mentioned, if you have the skills they are looking for, make sure these keywords are included in your CV and that your CV is relevant to that particular vacancy.

How much time does a recruiter typically spend on a CV?

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Recruiters have to look through endless piles of CVs so it´s important to grab their attention within the first few seconds. This is why it is very important to structure your CV correctly for the country and sector you are applying for.

How do you start a traditional style cover letter in the UK?

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There are many different ways to start a cover letter and some job applications will work better with more creativity but the most traditional and polite greeting for a cover letter (in the UK) tends to be 'Dear'.

Your cover letter should be...

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Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to explain to the employer why you are the perfect fit for the role, this should be personal and friendly whilst remaining professional. This is your time to add personality to your application!

Is it recommended to add dates of your employment and experience on your CV?

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In most European countries, it´s important to add the dates of your experience and employment to show the recruiter a chronological timeline of your work history. This way, they can check whether you have any gaps of employment etc.

Quiz: CV Week
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Almost there! Use the tips provided in this quiz and on our blog and create yourself a winning CV and a cover letter!

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