Quiz: English Stereotypes

 Quiz: English Stereotypes

People have some very clear ideas about English stereotypes… As part of our stereotype series, we’re putting you to the test about the English.

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In this quiz we have mentioned the most common stereotypes and your task is to choose which of them is most associated with English people!

Ready? Then let’s get started!

English people drink a lot of...

Correct! Wrong!

TEA! Although it may be true that they drink a lot of beer too...

English people are...

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POLITE - Maybe I'm biased but we're pretty funny people too... after all we did give the world The Office.

English accent sounds...

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POSH! Or maybe all 3 depending on where you're from.

All English people are friends with....

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THE QUEEN! Despite popular belief, not ALL English people are friends with the Queen... or know her... or have ever met her...

The favourite food of English people is...

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FISH AND CHIPS - Although preferences on how the chips are served vary.

All English people are...

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GINGER/RED HAIR - It might be our stereotype... but it's definitely actually the Irish...

English people are...

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EMOTIONALLY CLOSED - I guess it does depend who you meet, but if you're ever getting on a London tube, people don't tend to make eye contact, let alone conversation.

English person will always address to you as a...

Correct! Wrong!

MATE - This one is pretty accurate to real life. Pal and Buddy are very American - NOT English.

English stereotypes
At least you tried!

Well... Nothing is still better than nothing!
Stuck in the middle

When you are in love with England but everyone else is trying to stop your love...
Your Majesty...

You belong to sit next The Queen and sip tea with Sir Elton John. Good job!

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So far Europe Language Café has discussed what are common Spanish, Dutch and German stereotypes. Why not have a look to see if you agree with them!

Maybe not all of these are actually that true… so let us know what you think in the comments below.

Do you love England as much as we do? Then find a job there and live your best life!

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