Geography Quiz: 2nd Largest Cities

 Geography Quiz: 2nd Largest Cities

Ok, so you’ve done a European capitals quiz and you aced it.

But how well do you know the 2nd largest cities in European countries? We promise this is our hardest geography quiz yet and we unsure even the biggest geography buffs out there will even be able to get full marks.


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Geography Quiz: Europe's 2nd Largest Cities
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Not so easy was it? Make sure to let us know how well you did in the comments below.

Here are all the 2nd largest European cities mentioned in reverse order according to their population size – as well as a fun fact for good measure.

12. Cork (124.391) – Cork Harbour is said to be the second largest natural harbour in the world, after Sydney Harbor in Australia.

11. Geneva (198.979) – Geneva is the birthplace of Internet as we know it today.

10. Porto (214.349) – Portugal is named after Porto

9. Edinburgh (482.005) – J.K. Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter in an Edinburgh café (The Elephant) and took inspiration from the landscape for her characters and locations.

8. Rotterdam (623.652) – You can travel the city by water-taxi

7. Marseille (861.635) – Founded in 600 B.C. by the Greek sailors of Phocaea, this city is the oldest in France and probably the most complex.

6. Birmingham (1.086 million) – Birmingham has more canals than Venice with 56 km of waterways.

5. Milan (1.352 million) – Milan has the most skyscrapers in Italy.

4. Kharkiv (1.419 million) – The city has always been a centre of research and innovation and has contributed considerably to the development of fields such as Aerospace, medicine and cryology in Soviet-Ukraine.

3. Barcelona (1.615 million) – The Sagrada Familia has taken longer to build than the Great Pyramids.

2. Hamburg (1.81 million) – Hamburg has its own island in the North Sea

1. St Petersburg (4.99 million) – The Petersburg subway is one of the deepest in the world


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