The Pros and Cons Where You Work From Home

 The Pros and Cons Where You Work From Home

Heres a question for you today, where in your home are you currently working at? Do you have specific one space or are you switching up spots in your  when you work from home? Here are some pros and cons to the different spaces you work from home…


Outside ( Garden/ Balcony)


Pros: Ooo sun! Legs out, arms out! Relax


Cons: WIFI may be weak outside disturbing your work flow, your laptop may not cope in the suns heat or a breeze of wind can blow your papers away.


Bed/ Bedroom 


Pros: You are in luck with privacy from the rest of the people in your house plus you dont have to get out of comfy bed. Perfect! 


Cons: You may be capable to get a few emails and tasks done however that time will pass very quick till you get relaxed and fall asleep! Yes, I said it…we have all been there! Remember, the ergonomics is not so great! A lap desk may help a bit. 


Home Office 


Pros: This is a good place to work as you have everything set up for you already as if you are in a workplace office. This can peak productivity. 


Cons: A lot of people do not have a home office which is lead to fantasy and does not exist. If you have a large family and loud kids, you may not be able to lock yourself in your home office all day. 


Kitchen table/ counter 


Pros: You have a table and chair set up and a large amount of room to spread out your paperwork. 


Cons: Lets face it, your in the kitchen which is a the main place other people in your household will be which means you may easily get distracted. Food and drink will most likely be all over your computer or paper work in a matter of seconds. Nasty! 




Pros: Youre able to sit in front of the nice window, get some sunlight in, sit comfortable whilst doing work, and be able to be in a room with family and pets. Nice, right? 


Cons: The ergonomics are not great here, at all. Your back especially will begin to start aching if you sit in a uncomfortable place too long as you are crouched over on a couch. Its also hard to find space for your laptop, paper work, work phone and other office supplies. The couch area is a place for spending time with family and to relax, so you will most likely become distracted by watching tv. 



After reading this, what are your thoughts? Where have you been working from mostly? Have you found it productive to work in the kitchen table or the couch? Where do you prefer to work from home? Tell Us.

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Mia Graham

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