Top 10 Secret Bars in Europe

 Top 10 Secret Bars in Europe

These are the Top 10 secret bars you must go to in Europe, but shhhhhhhh, speak softly, come with me and discover the magic of mixology!


If you are a fan of the speakeasy world, of mystery, of almost untouched places, private areas, and you enjoy drinking…. then keep reading, this article was written for you. We are talking about secret passwords, hidden doorways, and most certainly, the wildest and most unimaginable cocktails!


Top 10 Secret Bar

Ladies and Gents

2 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town, NW5 1NR London, England

If you are going to London, you must stop by Ladies and Gents to ‘pee’ or ‘poop’. Yes, this is the only way of  getting in, saying you need to use the restroom. However, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, their craft cocktails are unique! It is a secret bar that often goes unnoticed by tourists and locals.


Top 9 Secret Bar

El Copitas

Kolokol’naya Ulitsa, 2, St Petersburg, Rússia, 191025


Russia is known for having many bars, but none like El Copitas. This one has experienced the world and brought up a combination of Mexico and Russia to your cocktail. The bar is a small, but intimate and warm space.


Top 8 Secret Bar

The Blind Pig

18 Suffolk St, Dublin 2, D02 NP97, Ireland

Dublin lovers, hear me out! If you have the chance to visit, you must go to The Blind Pig bar. This one incorporates the mood of 1920s speakeasies. It is located in a very elegant area in Dublin, but not many have access to it.


Top 7 Secret Bar

Little Red Door

Paris, France

Little Red Door’s name is not their only iconic feature, their artsy drinks and latest menu are some of their many successful ideas. They mix flavour with language and interpretation. 


Top 6 Secret Bar


Milan, Italy

Just like its name proposes, 1930 travels back in time a bit and brings with it a vintage culture with an addition of Jazz music. Its decoration is inspired by the Orient and its drinks have shaped modern mixology.


Top 5 Secret Bar


Storgata 27, 0184 Oslo, Norway

Himkok, Norwegian for moonshine, is hidden under a barber shop, so don’t be fooled when you enter and can’t see it right away. The cocktail bar, located on the ground floor is filled with interesting topics, like the ones you can see in the images above.


Top 4 Secret Bar

The Clumsies

Praxitelous 30, Athens 105 61, Greece

Greece has definitely worked on this one. It doesn’t only offer classy cocktails, but also traditional food, and an intimate environment. If you want to get in, look for a terrace with a wide staircase, it will lead you to a secret bar. Remember, speakeasy!


Top 3 Secret Bar

The Butcher

Albert Cuypstraat 129 De Pijp,Zuid 1072 CS Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Butcher is located inside a gourmet burger bar. To get in, you will need a reservation. Once in the restaurant, you must find the door located at the back, ring the buzzer, and wait. The menu contains eleven signature cocktails!  


Top 2 Secret Bar

Salmón Gurú

Calle de Echegaray, 21, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Salmón Gurú was born to show locals there was life beyond ordinary drinks. It was said and done! Look at those beauties up there! If you are ever in Madrid, you should definitely stop by. 

Top 1 Secret Bar


Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona has outdone itself with El Paradiso! If you want to find this enchanted place, you must be observant enough to find its soul inside a very cold area in a pastrami shop! The bar carries a Mediterranean style and its vibe tells you to lay back and enjoy the flavours of their authentic and colorful cocktails. 


**Those are our Top 10 secret bars in Europe! We hope you enjoy, but remember…. speak softly, don’t spread the secret**


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