Top 5 Countries To Visit In Europe If You Speak German

 Top 5 Countries To Visit In Europe If You Speak German

Did you know that there are 95 million native German speakers and 175-200 million German speakers worldwide? Impressive, right? This means that while travelling around the world, German speaking people will have no problem communicating with foreigners in much of the world. However, to make it easier for you, in this week’s blog we will talk about the top 5 countries to visit in Europe if you speak German!

Number 5: Sweden

Sweden – country of lakes, mountains, forest and wonderful winter. What is even more wonderful is that 18.66% of the Swedish population are able to speak German! The history behind the popularity of the German language in Sweden extends back to the Middle Ages, and was at it’s prime until the end of the Second World War. This was because Sweden had close connections with Germany, and Swedish intellectuals were educated in German universities. This encouraged the usage of German in Sweden.

Surely this is a perfect reason to pack your stuff and see the country of almost 100 000 lakes – whether you want to swim in them in summer or skate on them in winter. Even better, why not try out a relaxing Swedish sauna or even go to the north of Sweden and see the mesmerising Northern lights!

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Number 4: Slovenia

Slovenia is a relatively small country with an enormous variety of landscapes, food and culture – fortunately 27.29% of Slovenians are able to speak German! This is thanks to the history of the Germans of Yugoslavia – originating from neighbouring Austria. The EU has even identified Slovenia as having the highest competence in the German language among non-Germanic nations aside from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (more about those countries later!)

The country offers different outdoor experiences since Slovenians have much to offer in terms of nature. Food lovers will be obsessed with amazing choices of great food and you can do it all while enjoying beautiful views of the well known Bled lake. There is no reason not to visit Slovenia!

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Number 3: The Netherlands

The third top country to visit if you speak German is the country of dreamy canals and diversified culture – The Netherlands. Given that it is a language so closely related to German, it’s no surprise that 28.26% of Dutch people speak German!

Aside from cycling along the canals and a rich history, The Netherlands has amazing renaissance castles and modern architecture buildings to offer. Maybe you’ll just want to lie down under the red trees at the Hoge Veluwe National Park.

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Number 2: Denmark

Denmark are amazing at speaking foreign languages – the number of languages spoken by the average Dane is 2.8. This makes the fact that 30.5% of people in Denmark can speak German not all that surprising. It is however, impressive when you consider the fact that this is the 3rd most spoken language in Denmark, after English.

As well as having a wide range of languages to choose from, you can bike everywhere and enjoy the stunning scenery, modern architecture and the castles where the Vikings once stood.

Why not visit Denmark and see for yourself why the Danish nation is happiest in the World!

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Number 1: Luxembourg

Yes! One of the smallest countries in Europe can speak the best German! Half of Luxembourgers are able to speak German. Luxembourgish, the native language, is very similar to German, however it would be incomprehensible to any native German given the amount of borrrowed French words it includes.

Even though the country is very small, it can offer any aspiring adventurer incredible scenery and natural beauty. The country is full of wonderful castles, countryside perfect for walks, plenty of historical places to discover and of course the Luxembourg City itself! Oh, and did you know that Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the World!

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Have we sparked your interest in visiting any of these countries? Maybe you would like to find a job there?

Top 5 Countries To Visit In Europe If You Speak German


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