Autumn Bucket List: European Travel

 Autumn Bucket List: European Travel

Since autumn is in full swing, now’s the time to check some things off your bucket list

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are being carved and it’s time to snuggle up with your blankets and a hot drink. Autumn is upon us and we’re ready to fall right into the mood. Autumn is really underestimated as a time to travel, but it offers some of the best scenery for European travel. Let’s jump right into the European Travel Autumn Bucket List!

european travel autumn bucket list

If you’re looking for a little more information on the European Autumn Bucket List, take a look below.

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival, Germany: September – November:

Every year through September to November, this small city throws the biggest pumpkin festival in Europe. Whether you want to pick pumpkins, carve them or eat them, there is something for everyone! Almost all the pumpkins are grown locally, and each year there grow new varieties from all over the world.

Big Tree Country, Scotland: September-October

Scotland is one of the best destinations to see the leaves change colour. Before the harshness of winter arrives, make sure you take a hiking trip through the 200,000 acres of woodlands that Perthshire Big Tree Country offers. Find a cosy inn to return to after a long day of walks, and treat yourself to a truly British roast dinner. It is advisable you get there before November however, as the temperature drops pretty low and the weather gets harsh.

Oktoberfest, Germany: First week of October

Originally a wedding festival to celebrate the marriage of royals in the 19th century, Oktoberfest has turned into Germany’s best known festival. Although it actually starts in September, it gets its name from the fixed final day of the festival – the first Sunday of October. Celebrate in the city of origin, Munich. Dress up in your best lederhosen or dirndl, and have a few of the 6.7million litres of beer served every year!

Dracula’s castle, Romania: 31st October

This iconic castle is the perfect place to spend halloween. Even better, the place is supposedly haunted and each Halloween the castle carries out special spooky night tours. When else would you visit Dracula’s supposed former home? In terms of day time activities, we recommend you visit the quaint villages of Romania which appear to be stuck in time.

Guy Fawkes, England: 5th November

This special day is held on the 5th November across England. It dates back to a plot from 1605 by a man called Guy Fawkes who wanted to blow up Parliament. He failed in his plan, and each year the English light fireworks and bonfires to commemorate the foiled plan. Wrap yourself up in your coat and scarf and enjoy sipping on mulled wine whilst children hold their sparklers. Lewes is a particularly special place to spend Bonfire Night, as 6 different Bonfire Societies parade the streets in medieval clothing with flaming crosses, sending banger-filled barrels cracking and fizzling into the river.

Feeling inspired? Let us know what you’re planning to tick off of your European Travel Autumn Bucket List!


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