Game of Thrones Filming Locations That Will Make You Drop Everything and Go On an Adventure

 Game of Thrones Filming Locations That Will Make You Drop Everything and Go On an Adventure

Game of Thrones fans: it’s your time to go travelling. 

If you are a real Westeros / Essos enthusiast, it will not surprise you to hear that very few locations in the series have been shot outside of Europe. The Seven Kingdoms are actually right on our doorstep to visit and live the fantasy!

The night is dark and full of terrors, and so is being the waiting for Season 7. If you can’t wait for the new adventures of Daenerys and John Snow, at least you can visit the places where they’ve been filmed and relive the stories that took place there.

Read through our guide and you’ll be on an adventure in no time:

Northern Ireland:

Since the beginning of Season 1, the northern regions of Westeros have been filmed in Northern Ireland. As this is also where the Game of Thrones studios are and the weather is (miserably) perfect, we can expect to see a lot more where that came from in the new season.


Moving further south (both in the fictional kingdom and in real geography), settings in and around Croatia’s city of Dubrovnik have been used for a variety of locations, most notably King’s Landing.

Scenes involving King’s Landing or the Dothraki tribe were filmed in Malta in Season 1, but the crew have not since returned.

BUT: Will we see them there in Season 6? Malta has been long abandoned by Game of Thrones in favour of Croatia. But no one has reported any casting calls for extras in Croatia during the production of the new season. Where will we find King’s Landing this year?



For all scenes involving mountains and / or ice, where do you go? Iceland, of course.

Whatever happens, we know that the White Walkers will be a problem this season, which means scenes North of the Wall.  The Game of Thrones effect has also favoured Iceland tourism: the number of visitors has almost duplicated since the series premiered in 2011. So get ready for more shots of Iceland like these!



In Season 5 for the first time, shooting took place in Spain in the town of Seville for scenes in Sunspear, Doorne.

We had more Spain in Season 6, since King’s Landing, Doorne, and other sunny locations have now moved to Croatia to Spain.

And this is where it becomes interesting. Spanish locations are also confirmed for upcoming Season 7. Can you guess what kind of adventures will take place in this landscapes?

So have you packed your bags yet? But these locations are so close; don’t waste another minute!

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  • All of these places are amazing in their own right. These are all worthy to be in one’s bucket list. If you are a huge fan you visit all these places while waiting for the next season to begin. I for one would want to visit Northern Ireland first.

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