Game of Thrones: If Westeros was in Europe (no spoilers)

 Game of Thrones: If Westeros was in Europe (no spoilers)

You’re safe with us as this article doesn’t contain any spoilers about Game of Thrones!

Whether you’ve just started or completed the last season, we’re sure you’re still craving more Game of Thrones related content.

As you all know, Europe has been the filming location of many of the regions in which George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy saga has come to life. Therefore, it’s not hard to see the similarities between some of the fictional world and ours.

A curious fact is that the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros have the shape of the United Kingdom and Ireland turned inside out. This is not surprising when you hear that much of George R.R. Martin’s narrative is inspired by historical events that took place during the Middle Ages among powerful families in England.


We locate Dorne in Spain and Portugal. Many agree that Dorne would be situated in Spain since it’s a lot sunnier than many of the regions. It also has a particular architecture reminiscent of Seville, full of palace complexes with fountains and gardens, like those in Spain influenced by Islamic art.

This makes sense since the scenes of the Martell of Sunspear were recorded were in the gardens of the royal Alcazar of Seville. Also, regarding their personality, the Dornians are passionate and sensual, as Spanish people are compared to how the rest of Europeans are considered to be.

if game of thrones were europe


The Kingdom of the reach could not be located anywhere other than France or Italy. The fabulous city of Highgarden full of sophistication and elegance reminds us of Paris. Also Renaissance Italy full of beauty could be a reference of this region of Game of Thrones.

The Tyrell house adore beautiful things, enjoy good wine and have great ports.

In the real world, the home of the Queen of Thorns was shot in the castle of Almodóvar del Rio, in the province of Córdoba, Spain.


In our opinion, the North could only be in Scotland the north of England. This is well enforced by the northern accents the characters from the north (such as Ned Stark and Lyanna Mormont) carry.

The rugged terrain, cloudy skies and cold weather is reminiscent of this region of the UK. The Great Wall semi-exists too – except it’s called Hadrian’s wall and is very disappointing in comparison.

To further our case, Winterfell was filmed in Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland.


The Vale, home of the Arryn house, moves us to Austria and Switzerland. The Alps would correspond to this ​​mountainous area of Westeros and with it, steep hills turn up to be an impregnable fortress.

Others argue that The Eyrie, which is the main stronghold in the Vale of Arryn, should be placed in Romania. This is due to the fact that Poenari’s Castle was an amazing fortress located in a difficult place to conquer.

Either way, the Game of Thrones production chose the castle of Neuschwanstein in Germany to be the Nest of Eagles location.


The Iron Islands, which belongs to this region of Westeros, would be situated in Scandanavia. The occupants of the Iron Islands have a clear influence from the Vikings. For example, their love of raiding and seafaring draws clear parallels. Their lifestyle, their personality and the boats that they used resembled this civilization also, with the Iron Islands and Vikings using the same name for slaves – ‘Thralls’.

Although the cultures of the Iron Islands and Vikings are similar, we can’t help but notice that the Iron Islands is very similar to coastal Ireland in its climate and scenery. This is probably largely because The Port of Ballintoy is the location in the real world of  Port of Pyke in the Iron Islands.


Everyone knows the wealth and power of the Lannister’s lands rich in gold mines. That is mainly why the Lannisters of Casterly Rock are settled in Germany where they “always pay their debts”.

Despite this, the location chosen for Casterly Rock was the Castle of Trujillo, in the province of Cáceres, Spain. Also according to George Martin himself, Casterly Rock was inspired on the Rock of Gibraltar.


The stormlands, home of the Baratheon house, would be located in the Balkan Peninsula. As a matter of fact, they look like this region. There are small and forested countries with irregular terrain. Many of the Balkans countries have access to the warm and humid Mediterranean climate, but Serbia and Albania’s weather is especially characterized by strong and dangerous storms.


Last, but certainly not least. Possibly the most iconic setting from Game of Thrones. King’s Landing would obviously be in Croatia. The iconic walls of Dubrovnik make visiting there feel like you are walking right into the Seven Kingdoms.

if game of thrones were europe

What do you think of this placement of Westeros? According to our map, what noble house would you belong to? Tell us in the comment section!

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