Most Popular Dutch Slang Words

 Most Popular Dutch Slang Words

Dutch is a very difficult language to learn, especially because of all the difficult slang words that locals are using. Europe Language Café created you a guide of most popular Dutch slang words so whenever you go to The Netherlands you can sound like the locals do!

1. Doe even normaal

Translation: Just do normal

Meaning: Get a grip

In the Netherlands people try to avoid making drama in any situation which is why it is important to stay calm in any situation.


Translation: Typhus, Tuberculosis, Gosh Darnit!

Meaning: Curse words shouted in extreme situations

The Dutch like to play a game where they use old diseases as curse words. These are diseases that people do not get sick from anymore thankfully to medication. A very strange way to express their feelings!

3. Maar ik zit lekker

Translation: But I’m sitting delicious(ly)

Meaning: I’m sitting comfortably

Word lekker in Dutch does not mean only delicious – it also means to feel nice. You can add lekker to any action to emphasise how nice it is.

4. Met de neus in de boter vallen

Translation: Falling with your nose in the butter

Meaning: You got lucky

The sentence mentioned above is used in situations for example, when a person gets lucky without having done anything to achieve it. Interesting, right?

5. Dat was geen gesneden koek

Translation: That was not a sliced cake

Meaning: That for sure was not easy!

This sentence is used by The Dutch if doing something was difficult to achieve and get done.

6. De aap komt uit de mouw

Translation: The monkey comes out of the sleeve

Meaning: Now we know the truth

Dutch are not afraid to tell their opinion so they are quite straight forward people. If a Dutch person has been dishonest and someone else finds out, then “the monkey has come out of the sleeve”

What do you think about these most popular Dutch slang words? Maybe you would like to find a job in The Netherlands as well so you could practice your new knowledge about Dutch people?

Thank you very much for hanging out with Europe Language Café and see you in our next blog!

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