Why Galicia Is The Most Underrated Destination In Europe

 Why Galicia Is The Most Underrated Destination In Europe

Galicia is one of the most beautiful and unknown destinations for tourists and adventurers in the world. You are probably wondering where it is. Galicia is a region located in the northwest of Spain, just above Portugal. It is considered a magical land and pilgrimage destination along the famous Camino de Santiago.

Natural Landscapes

Galicia is the perfect place for nature lovers. If you like the beach, this region has more than 1,498 km of coastline that combines impressive cliffs and beaches where you can surf, swim, or sunbathe. According to The Guardian Galicia has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called Praia de Rodas in the Cíes Islands – it’s considered the ‘Galician Caribbean’.

galicia landscape

If you are more of a mountain person Galicia will not leave you indifferent. You can visit spectacular natural parks such as Fragas do Eume, Dunas de Corrubedo, Bosque da Fervenza and Os Ancares. You can get lost on hiking trails and enjoy all kinds of river sports. 

Any corner of Galicia will surprise you and you will even find unique places like the only European waterfall that falls on the sea, at the mouth of the Xallas River.

Galicia is so impressive that Galicians have a word in their language to describe the homesick “morriña” that does not exist in the Spanish language.

Magic Land

If you like spirituality and what goes beyond, Galicia is your place. “Terra meiga” as it is well known literally means haunted/magical land. For centuries mythological creatures have lived with its history, so it is full of legends of beings that inhabit the more than 2 million hectares of its forests.

galicia magical

In the past, its geographical situation allowed it to have contact with the Celtic people that greatly influenced their culture with pagan traditions that are maintained today, although they did fall victim to the Christianization process. In Galicia you will find strange symbols engraved in rocks (petroglyphs), dolmens, monasteries where to make a spiritual retreat, Celtic fortifications (Castros) and sanctuaries to cure all kinds of evils…

Delicious Gastronomy

In Galicia you eat a lot and you eat well. Galician cuisine is one of the best in Spain not only for the variety of dishes but also for the quality of its products. Seafood (including scallops, oysters, spider crab) and meat are the main dishes.

If gastronomic tourism moves you, you definitely have to travel to Galicia and don’t forget to include some of these dishes on the menu: Cocido gallego, Lacón con grelos, Pulpo a feira, Empanada Gallega, Lamprea a la bordelesa and the famous Pimientos de Padrón.

All this can be accompanied by a good galician wine (Albariño or Ribeiro) and all kinds of homemade spirits.

World Heritage

In Galicia there are several world heritage sites:

Historic town of Santiago de Compostela

A spectacular old town with Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic monuments, Santiago is the capital of Galicia. The Cathedral is considered a Romanesque masterpiece and visited by millions of pilgrims each year.

santiago spain

French Way Camino de Santiago and Roads of Northern Spain

These are two of the most famous pilgrimage routes in the world. They were traveled for centuries by walkers from all continents. The infamy of the road to Santiago continues and is worldwide, it has even been twinned with other roads such as the Japanese Kumano Kodo.

The Wall of Lugo

Built in the III century, it is said that the Romans used it to defend the Lucus Augusti forest. The wall has 2 km of travel and more than 10 doors. Its architectural integrity is what really makes it stand out.

The Tower of Hercules

This tower is the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world that is still in operation. This beautiful tower stands on the coast of the city A Coruña, although its original construction was slightly modified.

tower of hercules

Nice Weather

It is said that in Galicia, rain is art. In fact, this region of Spain is considered one of the wettest areas on earth. The annual average is about 2,000 liters per square meter that exceeds most European countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that Galicians have more than 100 words to describe the rain.

Its climatic conditions make it such a beautiful and green area full of lush forests with a variety of fauna and flora.

In addition Galicia has one of the mildest temperatures in Spain. This means that in winter and summer there are no extreme temperatures and a pleasant climate can be enjoyed. Of course with an umbrella at hand.

Hot Springs

If your idea of a perfect holiday is relaxing and enjoying the natural treatments, Galicia is a good option. In many villages of Galicia there are conditions where mineral waters exist at 5ºc higher than the surface temperature. These hot springs are usually near rivers or in the middle of the forests which gives you the option to enjoy a unique experience…And you can also enjoy a wide variety of spas, spa and thalassotherapy centers.

If this is the reason why you choose to visit Galicia we recommend Las Termas de Prexigueiro in Ribadavia. 

Galicia must be experienced. Don’t pass the destination by!


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