Polish Stereotypes: True Or False

 Polish Stereotypes: True Or False

Every country has a stereotype, and Poland is no different! Everyone loves to use them to annoy other people, but no one likes to hear them about themselves. So far Europe Language Café have talked about GermanDutchSpanishFrenchEnglish, Portuguese and Italian stereotypes. In this week’s blog, we will discuss what the common Polish stereotypes are! Let’s find out which of  these Polish stereotypes are true and which ones are false.

Poles wear socks with sandals

This is true, but it refers more to the older generation! Young generation is more fashionable. But yes, you can spot a lot of dads in Poland wearing socks with sandals. Talk about fashion crime!

Polish people always complain

This one is partly true, partly false. Poles like to be honest. So, when asked how they are doing, if they’re doing great they will let you know, but if they’re not, be prepared for a lengthy negative answer! Polish like to think of it not as complaining but telling you how it is!

Poles abuse vodka

Not true! It’s not that they abuse it, Polish just like it! It’s normal at family gatherings, to do shots of vodka whilst snacking on a pickle! They are even trusted with 95% spirits being available in the shops. Poles love to make their own stronger vodka, and you need the strong spirit for this!

Poland is very cold all the time

This is not true! Yes, it is cold in Poland during winter, the temperature goes below 0 and there is snow, however it is not like this all year around, as some would like to think! Poland gets the best of both worlds as the summer is very hot and beautiful.

Poland is a very religious country

This is true! More than 94% of citizens are identified as Roman Catholic. Around 54% of Poles attend religious services at least once a week. Although the number of people practising religion has fallen, these people still identify themselves as Catholics due to the religion being a part of the Polish culture.

Poles only eat smoked and fatty food

This is true, potatoes and meaty fatty meat is what most of the Poles eat for dinner! The smoked ham is the best in the world!

Poles have a can-do attitude

This is true! Poles love solving their own problems and doing things themselves. If something breaks, instead of buying a new product, they try to fix it first!

Poles love to use beach windbreakers

This one is very true, no matter what beach you will go to in Poland, it will be full of beach windbreakers, to the point where you cannot walk on the beach. So, make sure you get there early. But be warned these people go to the beach to set them at as early as 7am!

Have you ever heard of these Polish stereotypes before? Make sure to tell us in the comments below!

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