How Much Do You Know About The Battle of the

Have you ever heard about the Battle of the Oranges? Does the name sound familiar to you? How about a quiz to test your knowledge or to find out what this mysterious ____ is all about? The Battle of the Oranges is a yearly carnival that takes place in Ivrea, Italy usually in February. Not […]Read More

Geography Quiz: Italy

For most of us, we love Italy for the good food and beautiful architecture. For geographers, Italy is a geographical dream – with a number of mountain ranges to the north, and several active volcanoes in the south there is no end of things to marvel at in this varied geographic landscape. Answers explained: Italy’s […]Read More

Common Stereotypes About Italian People

These common stereotypes about Italian people will probably have been heard by just about anyone in the world. Everyone loves to use them to annoy other people, but no one likes to hear it about themselves. So far Europe Language Café have talked about German, Dutch, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese stereotypes. In this week’s blog, we will discuss what the […]Read More