10 European Gift Bringers: Does Santa Exist In Europe?

As Christmas movies and Christmas songs become increasingly popular, Santa is becoming a universal gift giving figure. However there are many countries that are yet to adopt the very-American figure. St Nicholas Belarus, Belgium (Flemish & Waloon regions), Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine Although he’s the inspiration behind […]Read More

What Does a European Christmas Dinner Look Like?

Ever wondered what the French, Italians, or even Bulgarians are eating for their Christmas dinner? Whilst the celebration of Christmas is widespread across Europe, traditions vary not just country to country, but between regions and even families. Each European Christmas Dinner has one thing in common though – they are all Christmas feasts! Northern European […]Read More

The ULTIMATE Christmas Geography Quiz

You’ve tried our other Geography quizzes… but now it’s time to try the ULTIMATE Christmas geography quiz. With just 10 questions we’ll be able to see how you really feel about 2 very important topics; Christmas and Geography. Get ready to take one of the most important quizzes of your life…. Looking for some explanations […]Read More

5 European Christmas Dessert Ideas

Europe is where so many popular Christmas traditions have originated from. This doesn’t just include Christmas carols and folklore, but food too! The Christmas dinner is a large part of the day – as well as a lot of indulgence – and so, naturally, each country has their own traditional Christmas dessert. If you’re looking […]Read More

Christmas Carol Quiz

‘Tis the season to be jolly… so that means lots of carols and laughter. Most have a favourite Christmas carol that gets them in a festive mood every year, some couldn’t be less interested in the singing tradition. We’ll guess your thoughts on carols by how well you do on this Christmas carol quiz, be […]Read More

Personality Test: Where Should You Spend Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶 The idea of a perfect Christmas is different for everyone… whether you love snow or hate it, prefer eggnog or hot chocolate, or love Christmas songs or hate them! Maybe you’re looking to see one of the most beautiful Christmas markets, or you fancy spending Christmas […]Read More

December European Traditions (that don’t involve Christmas)

In December, it’s hard to see anything but Christmas lights, trees and presents. However, there are lots of December European traditions that don’t involve the Christian holiday. We’ve picked out some of our favourites, which we think deserve a bigger spotlight at this time of year. Mari Lwyd, Wales A folk custom native to south Wales, […]Read More

14 Gifts for Language Lovers

If you have a loved one (or secret santa) who loves languages, you might be stuck on what to buy them. Here’s a list of gifts for language lovers to inspire your Christmas shopping. This article includes affiliate links 1. Languages T-shirt A t-shirt that can be useful in a number of countries. 2. French […]Read More

67 Xmas Greetings in 50 Languages: How to say Merry

If you’re travelling in Europe this Christmas, be sure to find out how to say Merry Christmas greetings to the locals! It is a holiday celebrated almost everywhere, so it is sure to be appreciated. We’ve organised them by European regions, and then alphabetically, to make them easy for you to find! Western Europe (7 […]Read More

Geography Quiz: European Rivers

No collection of European geography quizzes is complete without a European rivers quiz. Some of Europe’s most famous cities are most well recognised by their impressive bridges and rivers. This should help in making this quiz a little easier… Let the European Rivers Quiz begin As always, let us know your results in the comment […]Read More