6 Contradictions That All Upcoming Graduates Are Facing

Graduating this year? Don’t panic! Everyone else is experiencing the same conflicting feelings as you ?? Get ready for a whole new confusing and beautiful era of your life! Have you found yourself saying these contradictions recently?  #1 “I’m so relieved that exams are finally over… Years of study have all come down to the last couple of […]Read More

10 Reasons Why Working Abroad Changes You Forever

The 20-somethings of today have the good fortune of being part of a generation that travels, seeking culture and self-discovery. And although we are appreciative of this luxury, one aspect of travel is vastly underrated; that of living and working abroad. So what makes it so different and so, so much better? : 1. You […]Read More

5 Key Ways To Make It As An Intern

The idea of being an intern may not be the most glamourous, but sooner or later one thing will become very clear; your career path will have to start with an internship. Don’t forget that internships are an important stepping stone to your future, so fret not, and follow these steps to success: Remember; we’ve […]Read More

Stages of Job Rejection

We’ve all been rejected from a job, and there’s several stages to it Searching for a job can be tiring, but the end goal is always worth it. Job rejection can be painful, but it’s important you get back up and keep going! Since the journey has so many ups and downs, you need the […]Read More

Europe’s best cities to work in

The best cities to work in Europe if you don’t know where to search for a job! We’ve listed Europe’s Top 10 best destinations to work in: Are you willing to relocate to another country and working in an international environment – improve your CV, your language skills and your personal development? But you still […]Read More

12 Stages of Looking for a Job

Looking for a job can be a stressful process, but Europe Language Jobs are here to provide some light entertainment on your way! What’s better than having a little giggle at yourself? Remember! You’ll be at no.12 in no time! You’ve starting looking for a job and you imagine your dream job Until you realize you don’t […]Read More