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10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals

A joint blog brought to you by Arabella and Erika. As a continuation of our series of utilizing stereotypes to categorize European countries – that kicked off with the classification of European countries as zodiac signs – here is our latest blog on “10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals.” This content is meant to […]Read More

7 Quick Ways to Properly Bundle Up in Europe

Winter Feels Better When You Know What to Wear Laugh as much as you want, but be aware that not everyone was taught how to properly bundle up, which is especially important if you decide to relocate to Europe.  If you come from warmer countries, such Portugal, Greece, or Spain, that’s totally understandable, as winter […]Read More

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

To be an athlete is to be mentally and physically strong, it is to be competitive in a healthy way, persistent, and passionate. Therefore, this article is dedicated to all sport players out there, who happen to be life & world lovers as well. Here are 7 must-visit destinations only for you, athletes, in Europe.  […]Read More

If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

A joint blog brought to you by Erika I (Taurus) and Arabella B (Leo).    If you’re an astrology geek, listen up! What if European countries were zodiac signs..? Who would be who?! We as humans love to categorize things, so wouldn’t it be satisfying if we took some stereotypes about European countries and matched […]Read More

5 Delicious European At Work Lunch Ideas

All over Europe, the main question we keep asking ourselves is what to make for work lunch? It should be easy, kinda healthy and very tasty. We have made a list of our 5 European countries and how in three easy steps you can have your at work lunch ideas – so let’s get to […]Read More

Quiz: What do you know about Brexit?

Europe recently has experienced an event that will stay written in our history for ages – Brexit. After almost 50 years of United Kingdom being a part of European Union, people of the UK voted for the end of this union by leaving the rest of Europe in obscurity of what’s going to happen next. […]Read More

Geography Quiz: Italy

For most of us, we love Italy for the good food and beautiful architecture. For geographers, Italy is a geographical dream – with a number of mountain ranges to the north, and several active volcanoes in the south there is no end of things to marvel at in this varied geographic landscape. Answers explained: Italy’s […]Read More

4 Comedies That Portray British Life Perfectly

Whilst many British stereotypes involve the Queen, a lot of tea, and red telephone boxes, the reality couldn’t be much further from this. Although a small group of countries, each region has their own quirks and cultural differences. The following are 4 TV shows that perfectly portray British life in each different country. Gavin & […]Read More

Europe Language Cafe – language and travel enthusiasts

Language Lovers and Travelers Blog | Europe Language Café Welcome language lovers and travelers! This is the blog where you will find all the information you need to entertain your imagination. Read great content written by other language lovers and travel enthusiasts. Things you can buy in Europe for Five Euros Europe Language Café Things […]Read More

Quiz: British Slang Words

Are you fluent in British Slang? Learning a new language is hard enough with all the grammar, idioms and accents – but if you want to become truly fluent, you might want to learn some local slang. These can be useful in everyday conversation… but maybe don’t use these phrases in a job interview! Try […]Read More